Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sarah's Dream

I am a big dreamer, I dream all the time. Quite disconcerting and disruptive for quality of sleep time I can tell you.
But this post is about a dream that Sarah told me she had, about a month after her grandmother, my mother...whom Sarah was named after, died.  The two Sarahs in our family. It was another tragic part of our lives, my Mother had just turned 65, was planning on a big to-do Bridal shower for my oldest daughter, worked too hard in her garden areas...and died of a heart attack on a Saturday afternoon. 3 weeks before my oldest daughter's wedding, and right after her 49th wedding anniversary, she had just retired to spend more time with my Dad. She missed many big events of her life. We were all in shock, and Sarah was as devastated as us all, if not more.
The picture above is my two beautiful daughters at a Mother's day lunch for me a few months before her car crash. Bliss for me, I love to just look at my children, and enjoy their presence. Sarah is to the right.
Let me tell you the dream she had. She called me about a month after my Mother's death, and said she had a dream last night about Sazie. The grandkids all called her Sazie, a nickname her grandfather gave her as a child. Again, my mother's name was Sarah too.

I eagerly, yet also nervously , asked Sarah, what was her dream about ? I was feeling both emotions, as I was pretty tender inside over my mother's death, and did not want some weird/freaky dream about her to be related to me by my daughter.
Instead...this is what she told me..
She said that she was walking near a very large gate, with a large garden on the other side. She looked through the gate, or the gate door was open, I can't recall exactly...and she saw my mother , kneeling and tending a garden there. Sarah then said, Sazie jumped up, put her hands on her hips ( a family trait we share ), and said to Sarah , " Now what are you doing here ?" 
I then interrupted Sarah and asked, " What did she look like ?"
Sarah told me she looked younger, she had her hair up, my mother did not wear her hair up hardly ever ( except working outside in the Summer ), that she did not have her glasses on, and that she had a flowered shirt on and shorts. My mother never, ever wore shorts.
Sarah then said, " Oh,  and she looked really happy."
I remember crying hearing this, and then I asked Sarah, " Anything else ?" 
And Sarah told me she walked into the garden, through the gate, towards her grandmother.
And that was it.
After Sarah died last July, and after a few months of my mind in complete numbness...I recalled that conversation. I now view it as prophetic , and I believe where Sarah entered through the large gate, was Heaven. I dream and envision my Sarah running, like the wind up there. No sore feet from working long shifts as a waitress and running here on Earth with her friends for miles.
Running barefoot , running for miles, very happy on soft dirt roads.
I see her in my mind, running..and also holding babies and laughing and smiling at them. Those are the two activities I see her doing the most, in Heaven.
She was a bright, bright light in my life, and I miss her always, and continually.
Here is a song I heard in church today, one of my favorites.
Enjoy, and dream...


  1. Dear Gina ~ No words can express my heartfelt thoughts at this moment.

    Thank you for sharing Sarah's dream and for the wonderful song.


  2. i remember her telling me about this dream! I love this blog! I remember her also telling me about the dream about her wreck. i think she could see into the future. miss her everyday!

  3. This song straightens my back, encourages my heart, lifts my spirits. Hold on to it, my friend. Our hope is in Christ alone.

  4. But dreaming IS quality sleep time. If you can recall them you should write them down, and if one has the skill, draw or paint them.

    If a person feels compelled to tell a particular dream to someone else, then that is a special case of dream, and means that the dream is especially important. Important dreams are most often connected with a person's own development, and are not normally merely sentimental.

    Figuring out what a dream means is always very difficult. It is completely useless to try to look up meanings of symbols in what Jung calls 'kitchen sink dream books' - though you might be right in thinking that gates might refer to pearly gates.

    Also a particular dream is a message for the dreamer [from God] on that one particular night.

    We've touched on this subject before.

    I notice that the second comment (Cece above) refers to a dream that Sarah seems to have had, and told someone about. Telling someone means that the dream was important. Dreams can give us intimations about the future, and can be warnings.

    Keep dreaming.

  5. Hi Gina...I definitely agree with you that this dream was prophetic. It would bring me comfort knowing that my mother is happy and at peace...and that she and my daughter are together in their (all of ours) "real home." The song is beautiful and uplifting. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. This is so incredibly beautiful and deeply, deeply touching...and, I too, cannot help feeling this dream was prophetic. I feel your longing, Gina, as I know how I would feel were my own beautiful daughter to be taken from me in the way Sarah was taken from you. My heart goes out to you, Gina and I send you loving hugs...the only comfort I am able to offer. Sarah's amazing personality and her memory is being kept alive by you through your blog. She will never be forgotten! Her spirit and her beauty are still touching countless lives through you.

  7. Gina,
    There has obviously been, and still is, tremendous love throughout your family. Your children really are quite special. 'In Christ Alone', a hymn that has always brought me strength and comfort. Many a time I have gone into church feeling really quite bad, and as Rebecca above says, it straightens my back, and reminds me that He is there. Footsteps in the sand and all that. Bless you.

  8. Gina, I'm glad to see you back. This post brought tears to me as I myself have had similar dreams about family members who were lost shortly there after. Praying for you.

    As I know your also a lover of your pups, please check out my FREE fundraiser for my local humane society...

  9. What a beautiful post, Gina! I just left and was moved by Becky's post also. I immediately thought of you! I hope you'll hop over see it. I think it would be meaningful to
    you and uplifting.

  10. Yes the dream was prophetic! I wish we understood our dreams better... I too have had dreams about my daughter before and after she died. There are no coincidences in this universe.

    Sarah looks beautiful. Hugs Gina.

  11. Hi Gina Sweetie...
    What a heartfelt post sweetie. I loved reading this. Yes, I too believe that Sara's dream was prophetic as well. She was a beautiful child of God sweet friend, and a gorgeous daughter to you. I can see her sweet spirit in her smile, the photos you shared are gorgeous. You can just see that she so loved life, and lived it to the fullest. I do not believe she took one minute for granted. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing with me this morning. You have touched my very soul sweet friend.

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    Thank you sweetie for a wonderful post. I love it. Have a glorious weekend. Country hugs from Phoenix, Sherry

  12. Once again, it was such a lovely surprise finding your saucy comment on my blog today. I popped right over to meet The Unfaithful Widow, wondering whether my fears would be realised. She was either going to be a basket-case (like your two Aunts and my one Aunt that my Dad is convinced I've become!), or a very kind and special person. I sort of went with the "kind and special" scenario before I connected with her blog, as YOU are such a kind and special person...gladly, my fears were not realised! I found her to be quite delightfully inspiring and have become her newest follower, thanks to you :)

    I see she has not posted in a while, so I'm hoping everything is OK with her life. I did leave a comment on her latest post and one other.

    I love your newest profile picture! I assume it's a fairly recent one? You're looking so happy and lovely :)

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  13. Dear Gina, I was so touched by what i just read regarding the dream. I think about you so often and pray for you and your family. My daughter was at U.S.C. at the time of your daughters and knew them.In fact, she came down Rosewood Dr. shortly after the wreck and prayed that it would not be someone she knew. Life is so difficult at times and I so admire your courage and strength.I so hated to hear about you losing your mother at such a young age also, and right before your daughter's wedding. God bless you, Gina, and I continue to pray for you...


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