Friday, November 11, 2011

I Will SURVIVE~Gloria Gaynor

I have a couple of new posts I plan on doing, but one of my daughter's friends had a man problem- a big man problem today~and I sent her this song. It helped me back in the 1970's, maybe it will help someone today.

Bless everyone,


  1. Ouch! I used to dance in the local nightclubs to this one way back. One of the pals that I went with's mother was going through major problems with her hubby and thought how much the words applied to her.

  2. I'd visited the day you posted this, Gina but had not left a comment at the time. I'd thought of mentioning that I'd had my hair cut at a new salon and the owner, a lovely woman in her early 40's is going through a traumatic divorce after 23 years of marriage. Her self esteem has taken such a knock she is having botox done. So sad. Two bloggers I follow are also divorced and in the process of getting a divorce. I thought of them both.

    I came back to say I'm looking forward to the next couple of posts you have planned and to which you alluded. A gentle prod ;)

    We all miss your posts, Gina.
    Hugs xoxo


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