Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tim TEBOW's Courageous Stand~

This was posted on my daughter's facebook page. A man not afarid to express his faith, his love for  Jesus. Very rare for a man who is not in the ministry to do so.
Bless someone today, Gina


  1. A man of true faith, and an inspiration to all of us not to shy away from openly praising Him. Thanks and take care Gina

  2. My husband and I enjoyed watching him interviewed over the weekend. I don't think the announcer-guys know what to do with him :)

    Hey, did you get my message to you on facebook? I couldn't find your email address but wanted to give you a heads up about an interesting portrait I saw....

  3. Good morning Gina. I was so happy to see you came to visit me. I haven't posted in a month now. Don't really know why - just haven't. Love your pilgrims you shared. And the walkway is looking great. I bet you felt good when you finished that hard work. I know it felt good to get dirty. I hope you are doing good and had a wonderful turkey day. Looking forward to Christmas now. Hope you have a good day sweetie.

  4. Isn't it a sad time in America, when someone has to "curb" his show of faith in God?!! Oh dear, lest we should OFFEND the average secular citizen! It just boggles my mind how far we have gone down the path of outright hostility to anything in public that smacks of Christian faith. I wasn't like this when I was a child.

  5. Perfect expression of faith from a great athlete and Christian.
    Some football players strut around and yell about how they did it when they make a play or score and no one complains about them thanking themselves! Tebow is being very appropriate.
    Have a Merry Christmas dear friend.


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