Sunday, January 10, 2010


My favorite coffee cup

My little boy grabbed a cup out of the overhead cabinet the other day, turned and glanced at me behind him...and his eyes got big.
He then got himself some cold water out of the fridge...and turned and looked at me again.
I smiled at him, but knew he was acting a little strange, and then I saw it !
The little stinker was drinking out of my favorite coffee cup that I haven't seen in over a year !
He knows that I don't let him drink out of it, as he may accidentally chip it, and I am very particular what makes me happy in a coffee cup.
I got it out of his little hands, and switched it with another.
This one was perfection to me.
No other cup made my coffee taste as good as that cup did.

I have to have the inside of my cup be white, I like to SEE my coffee, the color has to be just perfect. The level of the coffee in the cup has to be just right. Plus this one has the Bible verse, " This is the day the LORD has made, let us REJOICE and BE GLAD in it. " Psalm 118:24
I had thought I either mis-placed it, or it seemed to just disappear.
The funny thing about it, is that is WAS ALWAYS there.
I just couldn't see it.
Lost in plain sight.
So many choices of mugs and cups in my cabinets, I actually have two shelves of coffee mugs and cups. Always thinking I can find one that is better than the last one. Most I never use. I believe when we have too many options in life, we lose sight of what is right in front of us.

If it was a snake it would have bitten me, a term I remember my grandparents in Texas used when something was in plain sight that they had been searching for.
What came to mind to me when I realized it had always been there, and I was over-looking it, or never noticing it, was how we humans search for recognition, or meaning in life, but especially love...and many times, it is already there.
Close to you.
Waiting on you. 
Sitting in the back of a shelf.

God has usually put someone in your life, your spouse if you're married, or if you are not...someone else that you do  not even there to love you and be loved by you.
By loving what God has blessed you with ( that person that is right there) , we in turn bless ourselves.
Love is God's greatest conduit.

In the palm of my hand.

I felt like God was telling me that day, that He had already given me JOY ( like my cup says ), that it was always there waiting for me.
I just needed to open my eyes and SEE it.

Look around your home today, look at the person that God blessed you with, do not take them for granted. Be thankful , express that to them and God.  If He has not placed someone there for you are either single , divorced, widowed...have assurance that He has Joy waiting for you.
But keep your eyes open , because it may be hiding in plain sight.
Bless you today !

" I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. " John 10:10

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