Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Antique Shopping at SLEEPY Poet Antique Mall--Part 2

Back we are again to finish up my shopping for antique artwork , prints and picture frames at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina. The mall is 55,000 S.F., huge, enjoyable...and the possibilities to lose yourself in here...physically and emotionally, are endless. We are halfway through, from the last post I let me take you by the arm , and guide you through some more.
Let's go....

Here is a gorgeous antique frame, I would have jumped on, but the last owner of it did it the major Disservice of spraying it with gold paint. Please, do NOT EVER spray a picture frame with gold paint, either paint it directly by hand with burnished gold, or antique gold paint from  small can. Test the color first, if it comes out a bright, garish gold, DO NOT Use it. It destroys the value of a frame, by over 1/2 ( or more ).  Also , I will mention one of my personal pet peeves, that I will show in a picture later...and that is spraying or painting everything you can get your hands on WHITE. Shabby-chic, Cottagy  etc. look completely destroys the value for future generations, of a piece of furniture or mirror, or whatever someone decides to spray in white or an Easter egg color that is chic at present. 
One of my rants...but don't worry, knowing me there will be more.
Let's keep going, oh...passed on this frame.
 I love this ladies booth, she loves art like I do...I can tell. I have bought many things from her, but more difficult as she has them priced for what I would sell them for, so no profit for me.
Really like this antique landscape, but at 500.00, too high for resale. Perfect for someone for themselves though.
 A antique oil on canvas of a harvest scene. Nice, but has numerous areas of damage, and the colors are very camera flash brightened them.
Pass for now. Sometimes I reconsider these at another time when I come through. Markdowns, sales, etc, help me reconsider.
Aisle after aisle after aisle after aisle....
Some lady has some fun with her furniture, she obviously likes to repaint everything...and it's hers so she can right ? I saw the large S a ways away from her booth, and made me think of Sarah.  Sarah would have liked all this ' funness ' in this booth, she came here with me twice. 
I wish I could buy her the S .
Then I looked around, and saw the large R on the wall behind me. I considered buying it for my oldest daughter Rachel, but at 300.00, and not knowing if she would even like it ( probably not )...I passed.
What a glue gun and fabric tassels can do to a lamp.
What faux orange fur and pink paint can do to a vintage chair.
Ok, enough silliness, let's keep walking.
Wanted to show you this, and since I do not have you in person, and cannot take the best pictures with my camera...will try to explain that this is NOT a painting. It IS a antique print that mimics the ' look ' of a painting. You have to run your finger gently across some of the people, and surroundings...and see there is no raised roughness at all. Not all paintings are ' rough' or have evident areas of paint, UNLESS you use a magnifying glass to check it out closely. In time, some restorers have shellacked or lacquered a paintings o much that it is smooth...drives me nuts I can't take each of you and show you the difference in person. 
This antique PRINT would fool most people, as it has the look of a painting, but if you run your hand across...totally smooth. It even has old rips and reglued tears in the paper ( or fabric ), and that makes it look like a painting. Just know it IS an antique print , in a antique frame ( frame had too much damage for me to buy ), BUT is not a original oil painting.
Gee whiz, I am frustrating myself , not being able to explain this well enough to help you.
Promise that entry soon about the difference with the best pictures I can possibly take,
Pass here.
Thought this was cute, glue magnets on the game letters and use them on your fridge. They had magnets on the back of them. Also, dealer here left this piece of furniture UNPAINTED, and remember, they sell better in the future in original state. Dresser , 1940's time frame, mahogany.
Another one of my favorite booths here, you end up gravitating towards booths you buy from before. Look down at that statue, I have two of those dogs below my arbor in my front yard.
Cement, heavy statue...but the staff here can lift anything and everything and put it in your car.
White earthenware abounds here , heavy and substantial kitchen and dining service pieces. 
One of my favorite signs in a booth. Really, for Pete's sake, you have to buy something here if you shop for 3-6 hours right ?
Antique French mezzotint ( hand tinted engraving ) , prints with glass are a bear to try to photograph properly. Bought this after dealer gave me fair price.
Bargain when you can.
I bought this great  Santa painting for a song, 18.00. It is large, very well done...and I am probably going to put him up above the fireplace with some other Christmas style paintings beside him for the holidays.
Wanted to do something to make my little boy enjoy Christmas.

Climbed out of the booth backwards and kept moving.
 Lovely antique print in antique frame. Will show you why I did not buy it..for resale.
See to the right of my finger, is broken off gesso ( decorative plaster ), and some broken off wood molding. Someone painted the area gold again, which is fine..I even do that...but too much gesso missing for me to buy for resale. Good deal at about 48.00 , I think was the price..., for someone for their home though.

Here is a nice booth , but lots of painted furniture..which by the way is VERY popular here...just not my preference. She has the chic silver/white shabby chic look going on on her booths.
Antique glass chandelier, and architectural elements. I don't sell glass chandeliers, I already stress out too much over wrapping and shipping antique artwork and frames to torture myself by attempting to wrap a gorgeous chandelier.
I almost bought this vintage seascape, I have almost wanted to buy if for about 5 months. Not quite old enough, would say it was 1960-70's time frame.
Knowing me , I'll consider it again when I come back up.
Very fun 4 feet tall 1960-70's glass vase.
Passed, but fun.

The dealer had this seascape on sale...I basically wanted the vintage frame the most. Picked it off the wall, carried it with me.
Original  1800's oil painting I made an offer on last month, and they did not get back to me...appears they couldn't locate the dealer. Anyway, it has alot of surface damage , and it was better I did not buy it then. BUT...I have come back if something has been marked wayyy down..and snatched it up.
Hope springs eternal.
Passed for now.
Saw this a week ago, it has been there about a month I would guess...and the dealer had marked it down for the second time. I love the handpainted flowers, the rich colors, the condition was good. Very heavy and sturdy, 1930-40's large firescreen.
Pulled the tag, and passed  it to one of the guys who works there, and he carted it off for me to my pile of stuff at the front counter.
Scored...really like this.
There is a lady that sells GOBS of vintage clothing in here...and I saw this 1970's men's butterfly shirt and had two thoughts:

No. 1--butterflies still make me immediately think of my Sarah.
No. 2--Who on earth would have ever worn this shirt ?
I like it though.
A very nice vintage ( 1930-40's ) oil on board Marine painting by listed artist at fair price. Still got a discount from dealer, pleased.
Gorgeous gesso antique frame..but I passed as the oval are difficult to sell for resale. Consider these though to make mirrors out of for your home.
Phew...about 3 -3 1/2 hours have passed...I have to get back on the road. There is my firescreen to far left, and on the counter now...
My stack of too many paintings and one print.
That is David to the far left, ringing up my finds. He is one of my favorite employees here, him and Jason  . I really like everyone who works here, and one of the owners , Dixon, is also nice and witty. They all make this a very pleasurable shopping trip.
It is a big distraction for me to come here , and I appreciate them helping make it so.

Here is the link to their mall:

Hope you all have a nice day,


  1. Now that I'm armed with all this knowledge, I want to head out to my nearest antique mall!

    So much fun!!!!!

    Blessings Gina!

  2. You scored some nice pieces Gina. Most of the prices you are telling about there, are definitely retail and not what you could make much profit on.
    You've got a great eye for finding goodies.

    Have fun getting them ready to sell and may they all sell soon.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. What a fun journey. Thanks for taking us. I love to go on a hunt and you took me on one as if I was with you. The funky finds were to say the least interesting. To each his own. They made me laugh especially the orange chair next to the primitive cabinet. LOL....

  4. Now that really was a fun "virtual" trip with you, Gina & again, I've gleaned a lot, although not into buying & selling myself - but I do love to find quirky things for my greenhouse & garden, so can fully appreciate where you're coming from in terms of the pleasure it brings to go "treasure hunting!" Your little boy will be delighted with that cheerful Santa above the mantlepiece come Christmas. I would have loved one of those ornate oval frames for a mirror in my garden, but guess that would be sacrilege to a true collector? I really love your fire screen :) Thank you for introducing us to Sleepy Poets Mall.

  5. Hi Liz. What a wonderful antique mall. So big! I would love roaming through that one. We have a couple near here and I just loose track of time when I am in them looking around.I had to go back to the previous posting and catch up on all the goodies you saw and got. Looks like you had a very good hunting trip.

  6. So glad to have completed the tour of the antique mall with you. I've learned a lot.

  7. I am learning a lot by this virtual tour with you. You have a true eye for beauty and worth. The sailing ship is magnificent. I am a fan of Patrick O'Brian books so it resonates with me.

  8. Hi Gina...You scored big on this shopping trip. Would you consider doing a post about tips on selling on Ebay? I have thought about opening a store to sell china...tea cups and glassware. Would love to have some advice. p.s. love your new header. You're a quick study with mosaics. :-)

  9. You'd be good on a TV show.

    There are lots of Antiques shows on English TV. From what I gather there are some TV shows in the US, but those in the US have a different emphasis. Here they are more mainstream, and there's more emphasis on history and background, and less on the monetary value.

    There are also several game shows where people are given £500 to hunt through an auction warehouse, a bit like your mall, to find the best value objects.

    There's also a very serious program, that takes place in a studio, where expert amateurs have to appraise carefully selected items:
    "This brand-new series pits the country’s leading amateur antiques enthusiasts against each other. Antiques Master has scoured the country’s leading museums, antique shops and private collections to provide unparalleled access to the best and most varied artefacts ever seen on British television. Contestants will have to use all their experience, in-depth knowledge and intuition to spot the priceless from the worthless. They’ll need to brush up on their hallmarks and be up to speed on all the latest auction prices – or face being eliminated. Each show climaxes in a head-to-head quick-fire question round between the final two antiques enthusiasts to decide who wins a chance to play in the final and become crowned Antiques Master."

    The BBC has been criticised for showing far too many antiques programs.

  10. Thanks for the tour and more informative information...glad to see you doing things you enjoy!

  11. Hi Gina,
    I'm afraid that I don't have a clue where anything antique is concerned. I must admit to being very impressed at the extent of your knowledge, and I would imagine it is vital in your line of work, thanks for sharing all of those tips with the rest of us. As for the tassle lamp and furry chair....Who?, What?, and Why? spring to mind. To think somebody once owned them and thought 'Yep, looking pretty nice!' sends shivers down my spine. You would have a job getting me out of a place like that. My favourite piece was the vase of flowers in the gold frame with the damaged gesso. Thanks!

  12. Well I sure enjoyed that cruise through the antique mall. I love places like that. Love your purchases. It's fun shopping with you.


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