Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Great Use for an ANTIQUE Picture FRAME

I'm pretty much a a nut for antique picture frames...and enjoy finding them when I am on one of my antique art hunts. I know many of you already know to make a mirror out of an antique frame..but I did something with this one, that I think anyone can do . I made a frame within a frame, with an original painting inside of course. The frame above is one I have for sale on eBay, and to keep it safe, and make use of it...I did this:
 A frame within a frame. Recipe goes as such...

1 original painting, painted by Cindy Hilliard ( aka. samfoxpaintedgarden on eBay) , she paints vintage -looking paintings,
I bought this unframed many years ago, she painted this special for me. Great Victorian look to the roses and pansies. I put it inside an antique smaller frame years ago. Ok, then add it to 1 very large antique picture frame...
 No glue, no nails...just hang the first large frame, then add a second nail below it and hang the painting inside. Now it will usually not be perfectly flush with the larger outer frame, but it still will fool the eye , and you won't ( or anyone else ), notice it is not one complete frame.
So when you look very closely, you will see a gap around edge. But who cares ? Not me. I was very fortunate to see that the two frames match in original paint color as well. Though a little ' off ' gold would work too.
Gap around inner frame. This may drive perfectionists that case...don't do it. 

 I am pleased.

My Roseville pottery surrounds it. I love vintage Roseville pottery with all the floral designs. There you go, recipe complete.
I enjoy moving all my paintings around my house. Art makes me feel alive, it fills something inside of is one of the material things in life I need. Will write an entry about that soon.

So go out, find a beautiful original antique frame to plop one of your paintings inside .

Hope you have a peaceful day or night, wherever you are,


  1. Gina, that is quite ingenius, though the gap would bother me. For you art makes you feel alive, for me it is books and plants, as far as material things go. I enjoy learning from you.

  2. I think the frame within a frame is a great idea Gina, and to use that picture is perfect. I particularly love the outer frame and all the fine detail to it. Thanks.

  3. Hi Gina....beautiful painting !! i like that rosses...lovely day......warmmm hugs from me Ria....

  4. Great idea Gina. We've used larger frames around smaller ones before, we were in the picture framing business. DH has a chopper tool that he can chop molding with the 45 degree angle, and can cut frames to fit. Your idea is a great one for anyone who wants to add more to an already existing frame. I love your Roseville pottery. That pottery has always been a favorite, but I don't own one piece. I don't think I ever came across any or I might have.

    Thanks for sharing this idea.


  5. Gina!

    What a great idea! I throughly enjoy your shopping posts as well and wanted to tell you to keep on doing them! It's almost like I'm going shopping with you and your commentary is great as well!


  6. Great idea. I love the painting. Painted special for you... well that is so nice. Lucky you. Like Melissa Jo said I love the shopping trips we go on so keep us a going. Have a lovely day Gina.

  7. What a clever idea, Gina. I was so excited to see your gorgeous vases. I bought a similar vase at our local "snuffelwinkel" (quaint Afrikaans term for junk shop a year ago. It has pride of place in my greenhouse, where I keep it filled with one or two freshly picked blossoms from the garden. Right now, it's showing off two huge crimson roses. That way, I bring both beauty & fragrance into my special sanctuary. (((Hugs)))

  8. You have such good ideas. I actually made a mirror from an antique frame I found in my Father in law's attic. It is beautiful and hangs in the foyer of my home.

  9. Dear Gina, lots to learn from you, my dear!!! I think you have the most wonderful collection of paintings ever... well, this is what you love and is your work!!!
    Thank you so much for visiting me.
    much joy to you my dear
    maria cecilia

  10. 17/11/10
    Hello Gina. Been checking in regularly to see how you're doing. Anyway, I've been diligently reading through your archives, starting right at the beginning, and have loved seeing all the beautiful photographs you'd shared of your day trips to Charleston, seeing your lovely garden in various stages of growth and change & reading your interesting commentaries with delightful snippets of family life tossed into the mix. Some really precious, priceless memories you've saved for all time. Love & hugs xoxo

  11. Playing "catch-up" after a week and a half of vacation...Really liked this picture AND how you've framed it!

    Your Roseville pottery pieces are wonderful!

    Thinking of you especially during this 1st Thanksgiving holiday w/o your Sarah. Praying that God will take care of your heart and all its aches.

  12. Unique picture frames are always in the trend from longer time and hence people carry on using the different types of the frames.

  13. I enjoy art, garden and most of all life lesson's through your eyes. As they are tear filled and each tear drop is full of either passion or sadness for the new life you have had to embrace. I have just returned from my visit to Charleston, and I thought of you so I came back to your blog.
    My prayers are still with you. Ga. Girl..


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