Friday, December 10, 2010

My Vintage CHRISTMAS Village

I have a vintage, circa 1950-60's cardboard Christmas village that I have had for about 20 something or more years. I was late getting it out this year, I usually have it set up on a glass table with a fluffy fake snow blanket, but I have no idea where that is ( the snow blanket ), or if I even have it still. My brain is on fluff-mode itself too. 

 I instead just used a trunk that I have in here, put a velvet runner across and started placing them on top .I really like these little cardboard houses and churches , glued together and then sprinkled with glitter and then they have a fake snow roof on top. Or glitter over the paint for a roof. Most are made in Japan, usually stamped on the bottom. You can buy these on eBay or in antique shops. The older ones have deeper colors, and look old. The new ones the make have more garish bright colors, and of course look new.

You can always arrange them however you like , and they usually will not stay like that as a dog's wagging tail, or a child's curious hand or a simple breath can move them.

Here are a group of little angels that I think I accidentally tore a wing off  each one of them today while I picked them out of the container. One-winged angels. These are all delicate, and old...and made of paper.

The churches are my favorites. All of these little buildings have , or had , colored cellophane plastic to mimic stained glass windows. Most of them, about 85 % are broken out. People used to put these houses under their Christmas trees or hang the smaller houses directly on the trees and the lights of the tree would shine through the windows.

I think they are so charming.

I even stuck a few in the windowsill back there. Oh, let me show you my Santa paintings I put above the fireplace...
 I have never put Santa pictures up here before, I wanted something to look festive for our 9 year old this year. The painting in the center was my great find at the antique mall, the ones flanking it are new ones done by Lisa Scherer that I got off eBay. All of the little do-dads in front are vintage 1940-60's Christmas decorations.

Now back to my little village....

Lots of vintage bristle trees.

I can never get this steeple on straight, it broke years ago.

Here's the view if you are tall.

Here is the view if you are young and small...the best view.

 Maxine's view here. I picked up my little boy from school, asked him later if he noticed I had finally set out the Christmas village ? Know what my response from him was ? Not happiness...indignation.
He goes, " I wanted to help set it up ! " Then he stomped out of the room frowning.
Cannot imagine where on earth he gets that persnickety/bossy attitude from .

 Stay warm , have a nice day or night wherever you are in the world ,


  1. Oh Gina I love it all and have many of the same pieces I've collected over the years. I have about 35 houses and many bottle brush trees. I have the exact satin snowman. So strange. I did not put it up this year just got lazy and my living room has become my studio and is always in disarray. I love the santas by Lisa she is a wonderful artist and love her work. Praying for you during the Christmas season.

  2. Thank you for sharing these Christmas treasures. It was such fun to see it all. I too, love the churches.
    blessings Gina,

  3. Your Christmas village is definitely VERY charming. I have never seen cardboard village pieces, and don't recall them from my childhood. I'm heading over to Ebay to check them out. Thanks for sharing them with us. Like your santa's, too.

  4. Wow Gina, my 3 little cardboard houses look like shanties on a hill compared to this fabulous collection, I love it!

  5. Such a sweet montage and so magical from a child's perspective. You are a wonderfully loving Mom to have carefully packed these away each year and to bring them all out again for each succeeding Christmas. Exactly what memories are made of ;) and I love the "simplicity" of your village and decorations. So much more personal & authentic than all the kitsch stuff the shops turn out year after year. You're a good example of how to "live green!"



  6. What a sweet village, I bet the churches really looked nice hanging on the tree with the lights shining through. I love those bristle trees. I wish I had collected small table top trees, but alas I didn't. :-) Can't collect everything.

    Have a love, peace filled Christmas.


  7. gina, your little village is so cute and those little angels bring back memories for me...i think my mom has some of those....i might have to put my name on those. i just love vintage's sad that i am old enough to remember some of them. er. "here's the view if you are tall", cracked me up! take care,

  8. Too bad the celophane or whatever it was is gone from the windows. I bet that was so pretty with the lights shining in the windows of the church. That is so nice that you have it in such good shape. That is a long time to have paper/cardboard village to set up each year. I remember those.

  9. Gina,
    The village is precious and my favorites are the churches and angels. I know they have to be very delicate.
    The Santa painting are so cheery,
    Stay warm and Hugs,

  10. That village is beautiful and so unique! I love it!

  11. Gina, wishing you a very happy christmas time together with the ones you love, and may the Spirit brings much peace and love to your hearts.
    maria cecilia

  12. Merry Christmas to you! I came across your blog because I was searching vintage Christmas village. I love all your wonderful detailed photos! I am thinking of making a village...
    I'm so glad you shared this!

  13. What a wonderful, wonderful collection! I think it is delightful that you mix old & new. Thanks for the interesting commentary, too.


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