Friday, December 24, 2010

Window Views of a ANTIQUE Shop in Charleston, SC & Christmas Sights

One of my favorite things to do , or really I should say one of the things that I do that can actually be torturous for me, in a mild torture looking in windows of antique ships that Are CLOSED. Like this one on Meeting St., across from the Mills House Hotel . I have not seen this shop open as much or I may have just been around on days he was closed. I did meet the man that owned it , probably 10 or more years ago, one day when he was there. He was nice and welcoming , unfortunately I could not afford anything there, as downtown antique prices, especially on King St., are higher than out skirting mall prices, such as in neighboring Mount Pleasant. But....the quality is very high in many of these shops on the historic street.
It was a dreary, overcast , chilly Sunday when I took these pictures...but I like that you can see the reflection of Charleston in the windows of the antique store. Plus you can see the antiques. I made the mistake, of asking my husband to turn down a street past the Mills Hotel to get here, a cobblestone street...
We bounced slowly, really were shaken for a good 5 minutes to drive over this bumpy road. Would tell each of you to not turn down one of these streets with a cup of coffee in your hands.
We did laugh though as it feels like a ride at the fair...and it was a dumb idea ( mine).
Let me show you some shots from the outside looking in...
 Antique Watercolor.
 My favorite shot here as those paintings are calling to me to come inside for a closer look. Only some one who really loves antique oils and artwork can understand.
But it was cold and windy, so I moved from window to take more shots.

 Outside he has some heavy Asian statuary.

 More torture, but mild as I had already bought 4 paintings the day before.

 Italian large art glass vases. I like his handwritten signs with info on the piece. Much better than walking in a shop with no prices on anything. I would tell you to be leery of shops that do not put prices on their antiques...they are usually sizing you up to see what they think you can pay before they tell you the price. I have heard some dealers say they do that to not dissuade you from asking or buying, but I prefer the price to be prominently displayed.

 Remember I am taking all these pictures through heavy lead glass windows , it is windy cold and I am going from window to window, quickly. I look back at the car towards my husband and smile, and he waves to me...we both can hear the church bells start ringing over the city.
 I'm also quite sure, though I did not bother to look...that the bellmen over at the hotel across the street thought I was some goofy tourist taking pictures through windows of a closed , dark antique shop.
They were correct if they were thinking that.
Didn't care.
 Here was his closed sign on the front. Nice of him to let people ( serious buyers), be able to contact someone to get in.

Dresden compote vase.
Here you see condensation through the glass, as in Charleston the historic committees do not let anyone use storm windows on their businesses or residences.

This is how I feel lately anyway...always looking in at life, through a barrier...this was glass , mine is thicker and more opaque inside.

Okay, let me show you a few Christmas sightings. Charleston mainly has very simple natural wreaths and garlands made of pine branches , berries and fruit and then  some ribbons. I will just let the pictures speak...except for a few. It was so cold that mid-morning windy and cold, I would just jump out the car , snap a shot and jump back in. Here you are...

 As you know my very favorite garden in Charleston, and they put a lovely red berry wreath on the handsome statue.

 Homemade wreaths for sale.
These are made with berries, magnolia leaves, pine branches and whatever those white branches are. I don't know , but they are beautiful. Enjoy your families, many blessings, Merry Christmas,
love very strong,


  1. Gina,
    Between your words and your photos, you've painted such a beautiful picture. I want to go there! Although, perhaps when the temperature warms up a bit.

    Praying Gods' hand of favor and blessing rest upon you this Christmas.

    take care,

  2. Hi Gina,
    I wasn't going to blog until after tomorrow, but Amanda is asleep before we hit the carole service at church, dinner and then midnight mass, and so I popped on to take a quick look and am so glad that I did, and caught this latest post. Images of a very kind and patient hubby, driving and stopping again and again whilst the mad tourist woman hops in and out taking photos of closed shops! Only us bloggers can understand such behaviour eh? You're favourite garden is indeed beautiful. Find peace, and blessings to you both....Gary

  3. Dear Gina ~ Thank you for the lovely, Christmasy antique window shopping tour. Some of those old paintings are beautiful and I also love the antique rugs on the floor. Way too rich for my blood though. We've bought most of what we have from flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores. Plus, we just don't need anymore.

    I love the old buildings decked out for Christmas and the cobble street, and a peek at a garden or two also.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and a great 2011. Love the new picture of your older daughter and her DH with your dear youngest son too.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Also just waiting for our two children to arrive home to enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve dinner together...had a few moments to spare...what a lovely surprise to find this extremely lovely post, Gina - ditto the huge regard for your patient, sweet husband ;) and thank you for leaping out to brave those icy blasts to share all this loveliness with us!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family - I look forward to visiting again after the holidays are over.

  5. Hi Flower lady, That is a picture of my oldest daughter, youngest son and oldest son ( on the sidebar )...not her husband. Love to all, Gina

  6. Merry Christmas Gina to you and the family. You are in my thoughts this season.

  7. What a great tour of the antique shops but I love the natural Christmas decorations on those beautiful old homes the best. I didn't realize there were cobble streets there. Thanks for the bumpy ride warning!
    Peace and blessings to your family this Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas.......Warm hugs and blessings darling.....


    Love Ria....

  9. Gina, that must have been frustrating to see all of those paintings all locked up. Your photos turned out very well, through the windows, and the photos of the classy decorations are handsome.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. I used to live in Goose Creek and we would go to Charleston quite often...Nice photos. And you know, I rarely purchase anything from a store if the price is not easily located on or around the item.

  11. The photos you took of the closed shop were quite good. I like the reflections on the glass panels. Charleston is a beautiful place, the Christmas decorations are very tasteful. I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

  12. Ahh, what fun you've had. I feel like I've just been window shopping, too!

  13. Oh great, lovely viewing. They full of gardening.

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