Tuesday, December 28, 2010

TRUTH Challenge

I have many small inspirational books lying about, and one I read recently from Charles R. Swindoll titled, The Strength of Character  inspired me about a concept I have been striving for,
Truth in all you do ,in all you say, in all you face , in all you pursue, in all you share. Now maybe you are more righteous than me, more truthful at all times than me, but living truth is hard. That means having high ethical, moral , spiritual and even love standards. Because there is an ultimate truth. There is right and wrong, and even certain ' gray ' areas of right and wrong...we all lean one way or the other on whatever the topic is usually. And we usually know deep inside the correct response to temptations , urges , solicitations , opportunities , etc. This means living a life that you don't ever need to lie, be deceitful, be secretive or live in public one way, and behind closed doors when you are alone...another way completely.
Truth is more than right and wrong, it is also simply what is real. What your life is really like, what you are really like, what your job is really like, what your spouse is really like. Facing the truth of your life.
Facing happy truth and most especially painful truths in your own life. No more ignoring, no more covering up or sugar-coating real truth.

When you live truth....you will end up with peace inside. That's what I believe will happen.
I hope so.

Here are Charles Swindoll's suggestions:

Think truth.

Confess truth.

Face truth .

Love truth.

Pursue truth.

 Walk truth.

Talk truth.

He suggest starting with the last one," talk truth...to deliberately, consciously, and conscientiously speak the truth . Start practicing gut-level authenticity."
To me that means not saying anything to anyone directly OR behind their back that you would not say if your spouse was there , your child was there, your pastor was there, or your boss. God is always there. I think we don't speak the truth for many reasons, we don't want to be inconvenienced, we don't want to be imposed on, we don't want someone to know what we really think or feel. We also don't want to hurt someone with the truth. Truth can be gently delivered...need to work on that one bigtime.
Take the time, to listen to yourself speak. Take the extra time, to think and then speak the truth.
By the way, I have not spoken the truth  three times already today.
Gotta long way to go.

Striving and reaching,

 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."-- John 8:32


  1. It is a journey I try to travel on as well. Not always there but at least trying.

  2. Truth and morality are not the same thing.

    Morality constitutes, for example, the set of laws that are decreed by your legislature. In some cases, these laws may be 'wrong'. Many would argue that some laws are unjust. Morality consists of man-made ideas, which can change. A lot of Christian doctrine is man-made.

    Truth is being honest with yourself. Hang the opinions of what anyone else might think.

    So there can be, and often is, a conflict between 'Truth', and the opinions of others, and the laws made by men.

  3. What a lovely post to share with us just before we greet the New Year! To live authentically, first and foremost being truthful to oneself and then, to everyone we meet on our life's journey, is an ongoing process which requires daily effort. Thank you for reminding us all of this, Gina.

    I wish you and your family a joyful, healthful and authentic 2011. I hope your Father's health has improved since you last gave us an update on his situation.



  4. Charles Swindoll, what a great teacher. What a challenge here Gina, the intentions of the heart is where truth begins, I believe.

  5. Great post Gina ~ Every day is an opportunity to let God's love and truth shine in and through us. We have not been perfected yet, we shall sin until the day we die or meet Him. May we have repentance in our hearts and the desire to live in His grace that he lovingly gives us. Our sins will be remembered no more, once we confess. Confession is good for our souls. He is our strength when we are weak, and through Him we shall mount up with wings as eagles.

    Have a wonderful new year.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. This is such a great lesson and reminder Gina.

  7. Wow Gina you really hit it with this one. I love Chuck Swindol. Awesome teacher. Thank you for sharing this. I'm taking it for pondering right now as I am leaving work. Have a great rest of the day. Happy New Year Gina.

  8. Hi Gina,
    Oh boy, how I have tried to do this again and again. Failed every time as well. I suppose it's all about striving to try and be as perfect as the main man upstairs, the only difference is always going to be that He IS perfect and we aren't. Won't stop me trying though! Hope you had a blessed Christmas.....Gary

  9. Sounds like an interesting book, Gina. It is hard for me to speak the truth to others sometimes...for different reasons. I'm reading one of the old Dale Carnegie books and am going to try and make it a point not to say negative things about others when talking with people. I know I don't like it when others say negative things about me....so, I'm going to try my best in the new year. Good luck with you in speaking your truth...Best wishes to you and your family in the new year.

  10. this is very close to the metaphysical belief that we are all one. We owe the greatest attention during our times in these earthly vessels to being true to ourselves. This act alone can balance the world and make it a more peaceful place.

    Our personal truths are threatened every day, and it is only when we are courageous enough to stand up for them that we are living to our greatest potential and therefore fulfilling the creator's greatest wishes for us.

  11. How I need this reminder! It reminds me of 2 John where the first 4 verses refer to "truth" many times.

    You are not alone in your journey and desire to live authentically and speak truth in love.

    Praying that your New Year comes with blessing, hope, beauty and new opportunities for you and those you love. Happy New Year!


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