Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Contest WINNER

This is the hat I chose to pull the name out of, of the winner of the cottage garden print. No , it is not my birthday...but it is bright and colorful. I wanted to thank all the bloggers who entered the contest :

Gary - A Day in The Life

Shirley-The Gardening Life

Desiree-Driftwood Ramblings

Darla-More Family and Flowers

Sandy aka Doris-the-Great-Aging Disgracefully

Joji-The Art of joji roper todd

Robur- Robur d'Amour

Ria- It's me

Jeri Landers- Hopalong Hollow Gazette

Donna-Sugar, Spice, & Southern Life

Catherine- A Gardener in Progress

Rebecca-Life & Godliness

laxmi prasad shahi- stamps_coin_banknote of Nepal


CeeKay-Getting There Now- My Two Cents

Peeokee- One Plant at a Time

Swishing time. shaking and swishing..

Those dots on my finger are red glitter from this crazy hat--got all over the place

And the winner is, after much swishing in the hat by a 9 year old swisher... darn, flash keeps hitting the paper. Let me get a better shot ( I know who the winner is because I can see and you can't yet ! )
Hold on, better shot coming up...

  Nope, still too much flash...let's go outside.

Now we're getting some where...coming into focus...suspense mounts...
TA-DA !!! As my son is showing above, I want to wish sweet Shirley of the Gardening Life congrats and please leave me a comment ( leave me two, one with your mailing address that I will not publish ) , so I can ship your print to you. My final words will be Shirley's and what she wanted to be when she grew up :

Shirley said...
Gina, like you I dreamt of being a writer. The love of books drew me in and I often wrote as a favorite pastime as a child. To this day, I still want to be a writer. If I could be anything, other than a wife and mother, it would be a writer.  I say go for your dreams, and if you already proud of yourself. Branch out-- Reach High-- Keep growing--  
 Thank you all for entering, I do wish I could give everyone something still. many warm blessings ,


  1. Congratulations to Shirley !! for you Gina......xxxxxx.......

  2. Congrats Shirley....You are one lucky girl.

  3. Congratulations to the winner!

    I'm usually good about catching all your posts Gina. I'm bummed this one slipped by me. This was a great giveaway.


  4. Congrats to Shirley! It is a beautiful garden print.

  5. Congratulations, Shirley!!!

    And, yes, if writing is what you always wanted to do, why aren't you doing it, then? I read that you just have to start writing, from your heart, and it will all come together. So, GO FOR IT!

    Gina, you clearly had a lot of fun doing this! Loved all the suspense you created with the draw...loved the shiny hat...loved that your little boy took part so enthusiastically!

    Thank you so much for bringing us all together to join in the fun and excitement with you!

    Big hug,

    Des. xo

  6. This is taking gift draws to new levels of honesty and transparency; not to mention glitzy presentation.

  7. Nice one Shirley, congratulations!!
    And thanks to you Gina for doing this. As a consolation prize, do the rest of us get to see a picture of you in that hat?... ;-)

  8. Good for you Shirley! of course, I wish it was me, but I am not a sore loser.

    How's about we do this again sometime!

  9. Gina, the print (the prize awarded me for your contest) arrived today and I love it!! Thank you so much!!! I am fascinated with the old postcard you enclosed.

    God bless!



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