Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's a LADY...Whoa,whoa, whoa ..She's a LADY

I just had to write a separate entry about our dog, or garden/house dog Maxine.
I mean, what a lady, she lays down and crosses her paws. We have had many dogs, always BIG dogs...and not one has ever crossed her legs..or paws.


She is also a spinning dog, she takes her leash...and is such a spaz before I walk her, she just starts whipping it like a cowgirl in circles...over and over.
None of our other dogs ever spinned either.
She creates quite a show for passing motorists and walkers.

 She takes her leash and is a wild-woman-dog, spinning for minutes at a time. I get dizzy watching her. Plus she has gotten in BIG trouble for hitting me with the metal tip of the leash before.
Stand far back when dogs spin !
She is just soooo excited for me to take her for her walks.
Ecstatic, out of control giddiness from a lab.
Wouldn't it be nice to be that happy ?
She in general likes to just hang out with me when I work in the garden. 

Eat, get love, play with her boyfriend-towel at night in a wrestling match, and got for walks, that is a complete and perfect day for her.
Oh, and of course ride in the truck. My husband occasionally, when she sneaks in his truck when he leaves the door open, just takes her for a drive back and forth in the drive way...
and she completely believes she went on a trip. She hops out, all happy after that.
She is super sweet, not too bright...but brains and beauty don't always come as a package right ? And boy, what a little lady with those crossed paws !
I do love this dog.

I hope you have a peaceful day or night, wherever you are,
Bless you,

" Seek the LORD while He may be found, Call upon Him while He is near. " Isiah 55:6


  1. My blonde girl Buffy says Hello to your Maxine and wants to know how she feels about squeaky toys, and water play and whether she has black spots on her tongue? I only recently learned that some labs and goldens have black spots, not just dogs with Chow-chow in their heritage.

    The little spots are from where the Lord cut out stars in the night sky and gave the bits to certain puppies so their kisses would be sweet.

  2. Yes, any toy is good for Maxine, plus a baby swimming pool in the Summer. No black spots on her tongue though, thanks much ! Gina

  3. Maxine is gorgeous! She sounds like a dog with a lot of character. She must enjoy her walks in your beautiful city.

    We had a black lab named Jasmine who was brilliant and beautiful, too. She liked to play soccer and could perform tricks. She also liked fermented muscadines! She lived nine years, and I miss her very much. She is buried under a weeping Japanese maple in the woodland garden.

    We also had an English setter who crossed her paws like Maxine! Her name was Susie. She was an aristocrat. She owned the outside world and liked to watch us mow, prune, and plant it for her. She lived fourteen years and is also buried in the woodland garden, not far from Jasmine, under a dogwood tree.

    Sorry, didn't mean to give you our complete canine history. Still I have to mention Shepherd, Lily, and Miss Pepper, all special members of our family!

  4. We have 3 dogs buried in our back yard as well. Wish they could live longer than they do ! Thanks so much for telling me all about your dogs Deb,I liked that ,take care, Gina

  5. Jennifer
    I have three "boys"- plant destroyers every one! Scrap the ringleader sees it as his personal mission to rid the yard of squirrels. If he sees one, he tares to the down the garden, shredding plants as he goes. I love them to bits anyway!

  6. Maxine is very cute, funny too! You have to love dogs like that, they have so much joy and enthusiasm.

  7. Yes, the funny thing is I was raised with cats mainly, so I'm really a cat person..but my husband is a dog person, and after so long with him , and so many dogs....I may have stepped over the line to dog-lover now ! Ha, thanks, Gina


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