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CHARLESTON South Carolina City Walking About Pictures

I am very behind showing you some more pictures of Charleston, South Carolina, as these were all taken LAST August 2011. I think we went down for a late Anniversary trip for my husband and I...or I used that as an excuse to go...I can't remember. I do know it was a nice trip, very hot, probably mid to high 90's at that time and knowing Charleston about 150 % humidity. I will probably do this in three posts, so it is not too long, first one random city pictures( all downtown historic areas), and two our trip to the Charleston Aquarium, and three more lovely garden shots. Yes, that is probably it.
The picture below is us stopping for a late lunch at Mt. Pleasant, right outside ( 1 1/2 miles) of Charleston. I wanted to go there and sit outside and have a lunch. The air conditioning was full blast inside, felt like 60 degrees, brrrr, so we ended up out here looking at the boats.
You see my son and I are posing , while my husband is busy discussing some problem with a fellow co-worker. I could not get him to smile or pose for us, and he rarely does on the phone in I decided to not show the picture of him chatting for so long.
Still cute as a pickle.
Ok, let me show you some downtown random shots I took, one early morning walking around Charleston. I think this is a combination of two  mornings I walked. In the early mornings, I guess it was 8 AM or so,  you see  people walking to work, always dressed very chic, men and women. You also see many contractors/repairmen , and some delivery trucks. A few joggers and walkers, not much. It is much quieter than late afternoon or evening, and the sun shines down softly and gives me some nice reflections to show you.
Lots of large crape myrtles on the sidewalks.
No one out and about yet, especially if you walk early on Sunday mornings, I have been out there at 7 AM, trying to escape the heat of the later day, and it is so peaceful. This is down Church St.
Always have to remember to watch your step here, sidewalks are narrow in many areas, and uneven.
There is the French Hugenot church to the left. We went to a wedding there the December before this trip. So many old churches in Charleston, and it is very pleasant to hear the ringing bells at the hour, the gongs and sometimes music. As if it is floating on air .
Charleston is also know as the Holy City here, because of all the churches.
Look up in the trees, I was trying to show the dappling sunlight. Dappling sunlight is such a treasure.
Wedding dresses on King St. Every shop was closed this early in the morning.
Trash Herbie-Curbie. Lucky duck if you have one of these it means you live in Charleston !!!!!
My starting point usually, St. Philips on Church St. The clock up there says 8:30, so I guess I started later or I took this on the way back from my walk.
Here is the Historic Charleston Foundation , SC shop, I believe it is on E. Bay St. It is all reproductions, but approved by them, items, furniture,books, etc. to sell. I provided a link to their online store.
Inside wares.
Outside wares. It is pretty pricey, and I like the old antique furniture and items when I can find them, instead of new repros. But still nice.
Part of the famous Rainbow Row. You have to go across the street to try to take a decent picture of all of them.
Heading down towards the Battery, see no one is around much still. In the Spring and Summer, it will be very crowded, lots of tourists.
Holy moly I need to go back and show you some city shots I forgot.

Old orignal Art Deco drugstore sign on King St. I remember passing a beautiful young woman with super high heels on, and was amazed at how she could wear them, or when she will realize she can't wear them all her life. Yes I was very envious , but wouldn't trade my tennis shoes for them walking around Charleston.
This led into a church , I did not go in, I was running late. Here was the placard outside it, I really like it.
On King St.

Geo  C. Birlant , antique store that also sells the famous Charleston park bench.
Can you see it behind all this STUFF !!?? Someone needs to tell them to move all the additional items out of the way , to see  this !And yes, if they had been open I would have gone in and told them that. Not that they care, but someone needs to stand up for viewing these benches properly. Moi.
This was last August, maybe they have displayed it better, I'll let you know soon.
Goodies inside Birlant on King St. An expensive location to buy antiques in Charleston. King St. is the most expensive street to buy most items( clothing, antiques, etc.) in Charleston, but worth a walk through there.
I loved this statue, wish I could trade places with her and watch Charleston all day, but I was realllly running late now.

Lots more antique stores on this ( King) street. Bring lots of money and enjoy yourself.
Still no one much around, as I head back to our hotel. We have somewhere to go !
But then I spy him, a Charleston city bike-cop/police officer making his rounds. I was trying to get his picture, but he was moving fast, and I did not want him to think I was stalking him.
Which I was doing for a block at least.
Whew, caught him at stop light. Love a man in uniform, and they are out and about working hard in Charleston. Still running late, we are going to the Charleston Aquarium, that will be my next post, then more gardens in the following one.
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  1. What a super post in the "old Gina" style! I loved everything about it and you made it feel as though we were right there, trotting alongside of you. That characteristic sassiness of yours came along, too :)
    I can see why you love Charleston as much as you do, Gina. It certainly has a unique charm and you capture it so well. I'm eagerly anticipating my next two visits.

    Oh and BTW, did you take a good look at yourself? My goodness! Aging should not be part of your vocabulary when talking about yourself. You are beautiful and so slim and trim! I'd give my eye teeth to look half as good as you do, honestly!

  2. Oh, and I LOVE the new look of your blog! Gorgeous background (who doesn't love red roses?) and the new picture of you and your hubby circa 2008, lovely and so obviously very much in love! It's good to have you back, Gina.

  3. I love it when you show these pictures of Charleston. I hope to visit there this year, depends on my mom though.
    Love the look of your blog and the roses - aahhh sooo pretty.
    Your son is adorable, beautiful eyes he has.
    Will be back again for your next post.

  4. Your photos look so peaceful. I love wandering around any town on a Sunday morning. It calms the soul. Thank you for sharing your photos.

  5. Gina, I love, love, love Charleston - could walk and take pictures there for hours. We've been going every year the weekend before Christmas to be with my husband's family - every year since the year after Hurricane Hugo. We took the grandchildren to the aquarium year before last and loved it!

  6. Brings back memories of our short (and only) visit to Charleston. How I'd love to return!

    And re. you comment about eating breakfast...I've done a bit of reading. Breakfast is just that - breaking fast. There is difference of opinion about WHEN a person "breaks" fast. And I need to report that I've had NO headaches, don't get shaky, etc. I'm currently enjoying the energy I feel by following this pattern.

  7. Gina, thanks for taking us on this day out with you. With all of those antique shops in Charleston, I must bring my wallet and pay a visit some day! As for chasing the cop for a good photo, don't worry, Amanda freaks me out often, as she does the same. Italian cops looked the most threatening, but turned out to be pussycats! Take care.

  8. I went to college at Charleston, and always vowed that I would get back there some day! When some old friends told me that Homes for sale in Charleston were affordable and I should look, I jumped on the opportunity. I have never regretted moving there since! Everything is so quaint and quiet, and the people are amazing! I hope you plan on going back soon!


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