Thursday, February 23, 2012

PRETTY Charleston, South Carolina City GARDENS

Well here is my final late installment of my last August, 2011 Charleston, SC trip. Here is my cutie-patootie , posing with me outside a French Restaurant( very loose terminology) on Broad St. I was hoping to write a good post about it, I had lots of pictures, but I would not recommend it. Atmosphere was one big meandering bar with stools, service was not very good, and food was not so great. Bummer, I had walked past if for years hoping to have a romantic French Dinner here.
Busted dream, popped balloon feeling for days.
Oh well, happier sites to show you, come with me around historic Charleston...

I'll try not to drone on too much, just let you enjoy the pictures. Maybe a few small comments if I think you need to know something,or I get bored not telling you anything.
Jam-packed with plants,always.

If you love wrought iron, Charleston is your place to be sated.

Always be looking up.

I always have to go see my favorite statue in Charleston. Sarah saw her with me the last time she came, and thought we would be arrested going back into the small hotel parking lot to see her . I just laughed and told her I had been back here many , many times, and no handcuffs yet.

Love, love, love her.
I did also go in to the Gibbes Museum of Art, on Meeting St., and this trip I had a wonderful time. They had re-done the collection, and it was well worth the visit. I want to go back, I believe they are going to be closing at some point to renovate and add a wing soon.

Ah-ha! a fuzzy shot of the rebel ZEN gardener. I love that this person is so nutty and fun with their garden, very atypical of Charleston gardens, but let me show you a sidewalk view...
Check out all the balancing shells and rocks.
Handmade wire-thing-a-ma-jig lawn hanger.
Keep a sharp eye out, look at the back balancing acts.
OK, one last shot...
Some of these have fallen , I took a picture of these a year ago, and they were all balancing other rocks.
Off we go, more walking about...
Wrought iron, set onto the lawn, waiting for a visit.
After a morning of walking around taking pictures, we left to go to Edisto Beach, 45 mins away, to enjoy the rest of our hot day. My husband and son are playing in the water. I like to watch them.
There are many beaches all around Charleston, so you can go to one to cool off( sort-of), as I believe it was in the high 90's that day. Folly Beach, Isle of Palms , Edisto Beach,Sullivan's Island,Kiawah island, and more. We like Edisto as it is a quiet family beach, not remotely fancy.

I like this picture, our old beach umbrella, flapping in the ocean breeze.
Thanks for letting me share Charleston with you all again, Speaking of hot, it is 77 degrees here today on Feb. 23rd !
Love your families, smile at your mailman, say hello to a elderly person you run into,


  1. I love all of that wrought iron, and the funky garden with all kinds of balancing acts going on was great.

    It looks like you all had a very nice time.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. Love those gates and statues tucked on ledges. Containers down the middle of the sidewalk. You find the coolest gardens.

  3. Thanks for all the great shots of Charleston's beautiful gardens. I love, love, love southern gardens and nothing is more southern than Charleston. :)

  4. what a treat, gina, to see charleston through your eyes. i like the rock/shell stacks. have normally only seen rocks stacked like that, but the shells definitely add some personality to it. i can relate to someone trying to achieve balance. :) it was mid-seventies in charlotte today, too. this has to be one of the warmest winters ever.

  5. I loved this tour, Gina! Thank you :)


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