Friday, February 17, 2012

VINTAGE Bible Verse Glass Plaques & Vintage COTTAGE Garden Prints in my Kitchen

I have collected, or just sort of found here and there, antique and vintage Scripture verse/ Bible verse glass plaques. For some reason I have always had them in my kitchen, alongside my vintage cottage garden prints. The one above is probably my favorite, and the oldest. It is late 1800's to very early 1900's.
Be Ye Holy for I am Holy. 1Peter 1:16
They are all tucked up under the cabinets, I have moved them around the kitchen before, various small nail holes appear here and there because of that. My husband hates to hear the sound of a hammer when it is coming from wherever I am.
Can't imagine why.
An art lover is entitled to move her art around when she needs to right ? He says our walls look like a drive-by shooting behind most of the artwork...he is correct.
All of these are glass, most are handpainted on the glass. This one is a blue Art deco glass one, 1920-30's time frame. The glass is typically edged in metal wire.
Side by side, right where I wash my dishes. I like to place them so I can look up and remember God speaks to us, even through glass plaques.
Here is a cut glass mirror, with blue art glass and foil used behind the glass for the lettering. This one is above my toaster and breadbox, so when I am waiting for something to pop up from the toaster, I glance up at this and consider," Did I "?
A really pretty larger one, handpainted, 1930-40's time frame.
"In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct they paths." Prov. 3:6
Smack-dab above the breadbox, probably the one I notice the most between making my peanut-butter sandwich every day, and unloading the dishwasher.

I took some pictures of these without a flash, to show you how they reflect light in area. I believe I will show you the rest of them without a flash, as this is how they look normally.
A very nice small one, right above the stove, my husband has gotten fussed at by me for not covering the bacon on Sunday mornings, as it likes to pop all over this plaque. Thank goodness you cannot see the kitchen sink area very well, somebody hasn't washed the dishes yet.
A larger one to the far left above the phone and below my blue willow fancy dishes above. I use them only on Holidays or when company comes. I believe there is also a old stash of chocolate Easter eggs in that cabinet too, on top of some blue willow plate.
Beside all my old plaques are vintage art Deco cottage garden prints, like the one above.
I know it may seem odd to put old garden prints in a kitchen, but I don't care. I really like them . I want my garden to look like them.
This one is at a corner of my kitchen. 1920's time frame.
This is one , very small, 1930's, above the stove, and it constantly gets dirty from cooking, but I just clean it when I notice it has gotten ' cooked upon'. I believe bacon grease, birthday cake batter, and all my soup cooking has gotten it the most.
Smaller version of another I have, this one is above my paper towels. I don't care if it is the same as another, they are about 5 feet apart, and one is twice the size of the other. Tricks most people, including me , into thinking they are two different prints( I had to go in the kitchen and look back and forth between the two for a good 2-3 minutes to realize they are the same--what a doofus).
These two I have put up , not using them now. Top one is 1950's, bottom 1930's.
This is one above my coffee maker.1930's time frame. They are all take-offs of Ann Hathaway's cottage prints, one is one of her prints.
Another small one near my stove in original deco frame. 1930-40's time period.
A new watercolor of Charleston by Tom Cox, that I framed in an antique frame. Right near my coffee maker area. So every morning, I look up and see Charleston, his version, but I like it.
Another small one, similar to the one on the wall behind it. 1920-30's time frame, these are more common than the larger ones. I figure many of the larger ones have gotten broken over the years in many people's homes.
A little plate I found that made me think of Sarah I put in my kitchen window.

I also have old vintage chalkware in my kitchen, but I am digressing like crazy here,it is fun and unique to use vintage and antique items in your kitchen.
Let me leave by showing you my favorite new refrigerator magnet that sums me up to a T in just a few it is...
Exactly to a T.

Everyone take care, I appreciate each of you,


  1. Nice tour through your kitchen. Sassy is good. Nora Jones is good. One of my mentors, Jewish, kidding me being Catholic, loved the "Jesus Saves" motto we would see in antique shops etc. His comment: "Jesus Saves, Moses Invests". Made me laugh, as I'm stong on faith, but weak on ritual and dogma.

    Hubby shouldn't complain; he should get out the spackle and paint, and scumble some paint over thaose repairs. Ask if you need help.

    Best wihes Gina!


  2. Sassy.......yep, definitely sassy!
    I love the glass plaques and prints. I would be stuck to choose between any of the cottage garden pictures, they are all lovely. My favourite glass one though is the 'Have you prayed about it?' Take care.

  3. Yes, I recognize that "sassiness" in you, Gina. I saw a couple of glimpses in this post, prior to reaching your final picture and smiled to myself, thinking "Oh, yay! Gina is BACK!" I loved seeing all the treasures you have in your kitchen and hearing about what you'd be doing when you look up and see each one. I chuckled at several of your comments, but the one I really enjoyed was, "Somebody hasn't washed the dishes yet!" My husband loves peanut-butter sandwiches. I enjoy one very occasionally. Speaking of what you eat, reminded me of a post you did about your love of blueberries and how you enjoy a handful on your morning muesli. The funny part at the time was picturing you fighting off anyone wanting to eat your stash and getting peeved when they had! I know this may sound odd, but ever since I'd read that post, I always think of you when I make our breakfast smoothies using blueberries (they are in season here now). I think it's lovely to fill your kitchen with things (pictures, verses, ornaments) that make you happy. After all, we spend a fair amount of time in our kitchens. Gazing at those lovely Anne Hathaway gardens would transport anyone to a state of blissful dreaminess, even whilst performing less than enjoyable, kitchen tasks. This was a lovely post. Thank you for inviting us into your pretty kitchen. I really could have enjoyed a cup of coffee though. Next time :)

  4. Your collections always make me smile. You are so dedicated to growing them. It's always a pleasure to see a glimpse of the beautiful smile Sarah had.

  5. You always find such unique pieces of art. It's always nice to be surrounded by the things that speak to us.

  6. I absolutely love your vintage bible quotes and garden pictures, and think the kitchen is a perfect place for them. After looking through your post (twice! as I missed one that I read about in Desiree's comments!) I was struck by the common theme of surrounding ourselves with comfort. My whole house is so crazy eclectic, but I am surrounded by pictures or things that give me pleasure and comfort when my eye catches them. I may not really "see" one item for months, then suddenly, I see it clearly just at a point when I really need some comfort!

    Thanks for sharing your treasures!


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