Saturday, November 14, 2009

Don't TOUCH MY Blueberries !

MY blueberries

My youngest daughter came by our house the other morning, I was busy working on the computer...she chatted with me awhile, then walked into the kitchen. I heard her rummaging around the pantry, fridge, etc. Then she said some forbidden words,
" OHH, Blueberries ! Can I have some ?"
I stopped typing and froze.
I said loudly back, " Your dad just got me those, so NO. You can have bananas, strawberries, whatever else...BUT not MY blueberries ! "
I hear a ' Hmmpph." response from the kitchen.

 A little background info on this, I am a creature of habit, especially when it concerns food. I don't eat a lot, food is not something I think about very  much...but every morning , ( except Sundays ), EVERY morning I eat the same thing.
Blueberries & bananas on plain cheerios and a big cup of coffee.
Perfect breakfast

Probably for the last 5 years or so. I usually switch very 7-10 years what I eat for lie. My husband thinks I am a nut, but he loves to come back from the grocery store and say " I got you some blueberries. ", as he know that makes me happy.
Since blueberries are now out of season, they are harder to get. So I am especially hoarding them.
So when flesh of my flesh , my youngest beloved daughter comes by for one of her brief visits ( about 25 mins. usually ), what do I do but act ungracious.
I retold this story to my husband and again I get a stern ' GINA, how could you not share your blueberries !" I made legitimate excuses, they are out of season, they are hard to get, I don't have much.
He just stands there looking sternly at me, starts laughing, and walks off.

I called after him that I offered her ANYTHING else in the ENTIRE kitchen, but NOT MY blueberries.
Doesn't that still make me a nice Mom ?
Probably not.

It made me think of how we all are with God , about that habit or addiction, or sin that we cling to ...that we hoard. We enjoy it, it gives us pleasure. It may be food, it may be TV, it may be our internet habits, it may be a relationship, it may be shopping, it may be alcohol, pornography, it could be anything,
That we CLING to, that we won't give up.
We need it.
It brings us pleasure.
It's fun.
We NEED it.

Love these little guys

But usually what we cling to, that we think we HAVE to have to survive..or to bring us daily pleasure , 
can become a serious addiction or habit that controls us.
I am not just talking about the really bad sins, also gossip can become a daily addiction if you have to call a friend or relative and chat up about someone all the time.
If you have to watch TV constantly, it has to be on constantly for you to feel OK.
If you have to check your email or be assessable ALWAYS, that can be a
habit or pleasure that eats away at your present life.
There are many more areas in all our lives.
What area do you want to tell God, " Keep out, that's mine, I need that. "
I know I have a few, I bet we all do.
Growing closer to God, growing in our faith walk....means figuring out what God sees as valuable in our lives, what HE sees enriches our lives...and not what WE think does.
I hope He sees my blueberries as valuable.
I really need them.

Bless you , enjoy your day,

" Unto you I lift up my eyes, O You who dwell in the heavens. Behold , as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters, As the eyes of a maid to the hand of her mistress, So our eyes look to the LORD our GOD, Until He has mercy on us !" Psalm 123 1-2