Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Woman's WORTH

I always have had such strange encounters out on my power walks , that I almost named this blog, The Walking Woman. 
What happened to me on a Summer's morning , at a crossroads in my neighborhood...heading home...has caused me to think about a woman's worth in today's world, and most especially in her own heart...and how far it is from the truth.
It was about 8 AM in the morning,I was coming back from my walk , and when I came to an intersection of the road, I crossed paths with a young woman in her 20's coming a different way. 
She stood out in the bright sunshine of the morning because she was walking barefoot in a short cocktail dress, she had her rhinestone high-heel sandals in her hand, she had smudged mascara under her eyes , and her lovely hair was disheveled and obviously hastily put up. I knew immediately what she had done the night before , as I had walked in her footsteps myself when I was young.
She looked briefly at me , I smiled...but my heart was breaking for her as I KNEW she did not have any idea how valuable she is , her worth in this world...and especially her worth in God's eyes. It also made me think of  my two blonde daughters about her age ... I saw all women , walking some paths they should not.
She looked mildly embarrassed , her white cocktail dress with it's sparkling beads looked very odd in the bright sunshine of the day. She passed me, I knew she had come from the large house on the corner where all the college and young adults live. There is usually about 4-6 cars outside of the house, it is a rental house with attractive young men and women coming and going from there all the time. Lots of different boyfriends and girlfriends, or even worse yet , the new ' friends with benefits ( sexual)' with no attachments or strings. I have seen young women leaving there with their hair wet from their early morning shower , the young men taking them home. The ' worth ' of these young women is very evident in the eyes and actions of these men.

I wanted that morning to take that young beautiful woman at the crossroads by her shoulders, shake them and say, " Do you have ANY idea how valuable you are ? " Women of all ages have been brainwashed by our culture in the last 50-60 years to believe our worth is solely in the eyes of a man. If we are attractive enough, fit enough, sexy enough , happy enough , pleasant enough then we are more valuable ...of more worth.We also have added on the additional burden to ourselves to be successful...and so when we fall short of the mark in any of these areas we believe our worth is plummeting.

I wanted this young woman to know deep in her soul that God wants her to have high respect for herself . To consider herself , her very essence and person MORE valuable than gold , jewelry, great material riches , even a  priceless masterpiece . To not allow the reflection of herself in a man's eyes be her judge of her worth , but to KNOW she is of such high value to GOD that it makes any other reflection from this world of her worth...meaningless , that it pales in comparison.

My two beautiful daughters

Once she can grasp her own true worth , then she will become more beautiful than she ever could imagine...not just physically...but in her spirit. I did not tell this young woman that message that day , but God spoke to me very strongly to try somehow to relay that to young women in any way that I can possibly do it. I have tried , I need to do more...and I do not believe this is only a message for young women. 
I do not completely understand my own worth , I have been sufficiently brainwashed myself between movies, television ,  magazines, ads and the media. I almost did not write this as I have not ' arrived ' myself 100 % at this truth.
But I believe if we all wait for that " Aha ! Now I understand completely !' moment , when we know that something is true...then we procrastinate until our convictions lose their power and strength. So I write this with the hope that if even ONE woman stops and considers her worth in God's eyes and not man's eyes, then it will be sufficient in helping someone who is already
Many , many blessings to you today,

  " For you have formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise YOU, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made . " Psalm 139:13-14

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