Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Kind of SOLDIER, WARRIOR, Fighter are You For GOD ?

I think it is funny sometimes ( not always ), how God allows total opposites to get married. He definitely must have a sense of humor.
Take my husband and me. 
Mr. Salt of the Earth and Mrs. Every Spice in the Cabinet.

I love to corral my husband up , and ask him deep profound questions. He on the other hand, hates it. He would love nothing better than to NEVER have to answer anything deep and profound anyone ever has to ask him again in his life...but no such luck as he's married to me.
Miss Inquisitive.
So I had him corralled in the kitchen one night, he had just got up from the comfort of the dog, the couch and the remote control...and I came up and asked him something that makes the hair stand up on the back of his neck.
I know it does , it always does , every time.
I said, " Let me ask you a question. "

He has one hand on the fridge door handle, ready to get his ice cream...and he stops and looks at me...the hair definitely standing up on his neck.
I move one step closer to him, not letting him out of my eyesight.
He freezes, sighs deeply...then leans against the kitchen counter and goes, ' Ok, what now ?'
I then lean against my side of the kitchen counter and ask:
" If you were a soldier, what kind of soldier would you be ? "

Our pirate-soldier

He just leans back and stares at me.
I say, " C'mon...I know what kind of soldier you would be. "
He then says, ' Oh yeah ?', one eyebrow raised.
Then I tell him,
" You would be one of those soldiers, one of the captains ( I know zilch about military ranking so bear with me ), and you would sit in a large group, in the tent ( before a big attack on the battlefield ), and you would discuss all the different ways to approach the battle , and think long and hard before you recommended anything. "
He just  keeps looking at me.
Then I chime in, " Know what kind of soldier I would be ?' ( like a child ).
He just keeps staring at me.
I continue, 
" I would be one of the soldiers standing at the back of the circle of captains and generals speaking, I would listen to what the problem was, I would deduce what needed to be done, I would probably look at two guys beside me...and say to them " Let's GO."  Then I would leave the tent quickly and attack the situation head on ! "
My husband just keeps looking at me, silence.
I then say, " Of course I would be very brave and probably very dead soon, but at least I heard the problem and DID SOMETHING. "
He then vaguely smiled at me and said, " Hmmpph."
Which meant he thought I would be dead too.

The point of all of this conversation is alot of Christians sit around complaining about things that are either wrong with the church , wrong with religion, wrong with other Christians, wrong with the world, etc...but FEW people FIGHT for what they believe in. So are you that ' discusser' Christian, or that ' THEY ( not you but the infamous they), should do something about it " Christian, or that ' pretty-soon I'll do whatever' Christian ,or that ' go all out warrior' Christian ? 
I know too may talkers, too may discussers.
Too much nothing.
There needs to be some ' backing up ' , either with words, actions, money , or prayer...of what you personally feel is a problem.We have a spiritual battlefield , our present world , and it NEEDS each of us to be a soldier, a warrior for God.
God needs us to do this for HIM.

Usually it is that nagging feeling inside about either religious issues, moral issues , family issues, world or community issues ,...these seem to be the big ' hot-points' in our hearts.
There has probably always been some issue that gets most of your attention, that gets you riled up.
I encourage you strongly to do SOMETHING , to prove to God and yourself , and your family, that you will fight for Him and His Kingdom. This does not mean forming a large protest, or getting petitions could...but at the VERY least if we all would stand up against gossip, crassness and crudeness so prevalent in many areas , outright lewdness , outright rudeness, cruelty, ( I could go on and on )...then we would be standing up for
That can mean walking away from a conversation, not laughing at crude and crass comments like everyone does, not laughing or gawking at lewd behavior or images, you get my drift...not accepting the way our world is becoming.

I later asked my husband  ( again like a child ), " So do you think I woud be a good soldier ? "
He looks at me for a few moments and says,
" Yes."
I say , " Really ? "
He says, " like to be in charge."
Spoken from the mouth of my tough-guy husband. 
I believe that was a compliment from him. Probably a back-handed compliment , but I'll take it anyway.

I hope you think hard about what you'll stand up for God for,

" I have fought the good fight , I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. ' 2 Timothy 4:7

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