Wednesday, November 25, 2009

To Touch A Woman's HEART...It's Always the SMALL Things that WORK the BIGGEST

The gift

I decided to write a small entry about how to touch a woman's heart , and leave an imprint of your love there. This may apply to men as well, but I know it works for most women. I will admit it may not work for a woman that values clothes, jewelry, and new shoes above ALL else ( and I know women like this ), but for most women, this is a biggie.
But it always comes in small packages or gestures.
Take for instance my gift from my son a few days ago, pictured above. I was busy working on my computer, he had been playing outside...then he comes running in to where I am ( dirt on his shirt, pants, and shoes and face )...and stands there and looks at me. I stop what I'm doing, turn towards my little love-bug, and he thrusts this sad little past-it's -prime pink azalea blossom at me.
I look down at it , and of course it fills my heart, because it did not matter that it was perfect...but he took the time when he was chasing balls in the yard, to stop,  and picked it off the bush for me.
Hi tee-tiny bug in  jar

After I took it from him, thanked him profusely...he then walks away to go back out to play. I look down at the flower..smiling , look back up...and see he is watching me from the dining room doorway . I gave him a big smile , and thought , " How wonderful to have a gift from my  little boy , and appreciate it...and then he sees how much I do. "
My young son is not a momma's boy, he is probably more of a daddy's boy ( or maybe an even split) , as they play so much when he does something like this , it really touches me. 
Out of all our children, he is the one that does not verbalize his love.
So instead, he gave it to me through a small blossom.

One of my mom's favorite things to say about men was that they weren't any good until they were over 50. I sometimes think they are not any good once they are over 11 ( JUST kidding-sorta).  But truthfully , men and women just get lazy about the small things that warm each other's hearts.We usually KNOW what small things ' thrill ' our spouses , but we are all so busy with all the important and then equally trivial moments of our lives that we become neglectful of each other.
Plus so many people these days are too busy twittering strangers, face-booking a new acquaintance , blackberrying their time away , to stop and remember who that time really needs to be allotted for. Hours and hours of triteness.
Wasted minutes and hours become wasted days and years.

Life is so very short.

 Small things are the flower blossom, or flowers in general...not expensive bouquets...simple. Maybe your wife likes to cook...get her a new cookbook. Maybe she is a her some super cushiony socks. Maybe she has been wanting the newest best it and put it on her pillow, surprise her. Write her a love note , most men are incapable of long sonnets...just something simple from your heart to hers. Make her cup of coffee for her one morning.

I think we all need to just stop , like my little boy that day did...with all his running around...he saw the blossom, thought of who would like it, and took the time to bring it to me.
I am going to try to do this much more myself for the people I love.

Love makes life really, really good.

I hope you have a day full of love,

" ..And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love. " 1 Corinthians 4:13