Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lost & Found GARDEN-- More Progress

Hooray ! My buds are all open on my trumpet vine !

Well have been working in my garden for the week still, and I have the sore hands from weed pulling to prove it. Was very excited about my trumpet vine blooming, always signifies hope and patience to wait for something to bloom.

Now yes , I realize if this vine is sooo happy after only a will overcome my garden with all it's happiness if I am not careful.
So noted, so not going to do anything about it ...yet.
As you can see here, we have a new fountain...actually it is not new, had it for years on my small deck off the back porch...but stopped using it as it splashed alot, kept getting too dirty to clean I used to have it piled high with seashells ( another element I like to use in my gardens), and had my son and his friend take them all out yesterday...and was lucky my husband was home to help move it off the deck and we set it up in the center.
The birds are quite happy, it makes a nice delicate splashing noise...and we had the most interesting large species of black bird come to it yesterday.
Very large.
Here is a picture of this unusual bird.
 As you can see, Maxine believes that we have set this up as her official watering hole.
 My problem is I don't want her drinking all the real birds water, and I don't want her  parading through my flowers , back and forth , to get her drinks.
I also know that I'm going to lose this battle.
Learning to know what is worth the ' battle ' in life or what is worth' the best ' in life.
My husband's favorite saying is " It is what is is..". I hate that saying , I always want to change whatever it is.
At least whatever it is I believe I can change.
The rest I believe he is right.
Bummer or enlightenment.
Our choice .
Ok, back to my garden.

Here's what I see everytime I walk down into my garden. I have to clean these pavers of dirt and sand in the front. To the right is a small shade bed I planted. I always encircle my beds with monkey grass or lirope grass , may be what most people call it. I have helped my next door neighbor out by voluntarily taking her monkey grass, dividing it up ...and planting it EVERYWHERE in my yard.
She had large clusters of it down the side of her house, calling to me to divide it.
No need to buy it if you can help a neighbor right ? 
My husband tells me to stop stealing monkey grass from my neighbor, but the house was vacant for 4 years, and for Pete's sake, that monkey grass needed to be divided ! People pay yardmen to do that, I did it for free !
Plus I helped them with some cannas too.
So I have cannas and monkey grass , my neighbor's house.
 Pretty soon, on both sides of my garden, my very favorite plant will show up and be wonderful for me again.
Blue plumbago, it loves my is perfect, easy to grow , once it is established...all over Charleston gardens too.
Side view

My back path I cleared yesterday

My other , larger path waiting for me to clear and get sore hands with today.
And knees.

Out to work, will write more later, I am going to write an entry about why people collect certain types of Art.
Dr. Gina will give her ( non ) expert opinion what type of people buy what type of art.
Stay tuned.

I wish you a peaceful, blessed day in the sun,

 " Love is patient, love is kind. " I Corinthians 13:4

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