Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The MYSTERY of the BUBBLING Birdbath

I came home yesterday, from a trip for the day to Charleston to take more pictures for this blog...and what I had waiting at home for me was a mystery.
My husband had sealed and repainted a cracked birdbath/fountain that we had...he had painted it black like I want for my ' Charleston ' look.

On closer inspection , I detect the presence of bubbles, lots of bubbles.

My husband said something must be in the paint, it will go away by in the morning.
So, I wake up, look outside and see about 6:40 AM,
It was very dark, but shining like a bright ' Hello ", was my bubbling birdbath.
Look at all the bubbles !!! Lots of additional bubbling went on through the night.
I got my husband up later, told him ' Houston , we have a problem." Like the astronauts do to the space station, he comes down the stairs and sees this...
We both just stare out and laugh, but I did tell him I am worried about my birds, and also about Maxine who thinks this is her drinking watering hole.
Our little boy looks out the big window too , and goes,
" Well, at least the birds will have their privacy when they take a bath. "
That made my day.

My husband called a lab at his office and asked what made this bubble ? They tell him it is the surfactant in the paint, and quite possibly will stop in a few days when it works out of the paint, and also it may not work for a birdbath ( duh ), as it is not meant to be under water.
I was still pleased he had painted it for me and lifted the 100 + lb. basin off of there and up there by himself...very romantic.
But I did fuss at him to not hurt himself,
He ignored me as usual.
I guess I will now have to go get the birds a little shower curtain for privacy once the bubbles dissipate.
Have a wonderful , warm day,

P.S. I have more pictures from my trip to Charleston to show in a few entries coming up.

" Show me your ways O LORD, ;
Teach me your paths." Psalm 25:4


  1. I like what your boy said; so thoughtful!
    As for the bubbles, I thought that someone put laundry detergent in the water( shame on me, I shouldn't think so bad of people!) The fountain is charming!

  2. Well that is pretty funny. A bird bubble bath. And it is a lovely birdbath too.

  3. Yes, it does look like someone threw detergent in there Tatyana , I have been working on it a bit to try to get rid of more bubbles.
    It is a lovely birdbath Helen, prettier sans bubbles though ! Thanks ! Gina

  4. You may want to drain the birdbath and let the paint "cure" for a few weeks.

    There's a *huge* difference between dry paint, and cured paint.

  5. Yes, we know. He let it dry for over a week, but he spoke to someone about what type of paint he used, and appears it is most probably not to be used to line wet birdbaths !! There are less bubbles after I cleaned it again, keep your fingers crossed , if not, back to the drawing board. Thanks ! Gina

  6. This birthbath is beautiful. It started with romance and happy moments, so it will gather more joy and laughter along the way. I can imagine how lovely the mornings will be when birds come chirping in. When I open your webpage, I am greeted with words of inspiration and works of beauty and charm. What a wonderful way to start my morning!

  7. You are very kind, I do look forward to the birds returning for their water ! Take care and thanks very much, Gina

  8. Your blog is very nice. I love romantic gardens with roses and art.

  9. aloha,

    great story, it made me laugh...hopefully you are draining the bath and letting it dry, i think that would work also, you don't want your birdies drinking all the not so yummy water

  10. Hi , Yes, we have drained husband keeps saying the tech w/ the paints said it would work itself out. Fortunately the birds are using a wide berth and not coming near it. Keep your fingers crossed, or else the other bird bath is coming back ! thanks, Gina

  11. That is too funny! I love your son's response...quick thinker!

  12. Yes, he is a little whip. It is still bubbling today, not as funny to me ! want my birds to be able to drink 1 wish us luck, Gina


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