Thursday, April 29, 2010

More CHARLESTON Gardens & a LOVE Story

I went to Charleston, South Carolina last Tuesday, and was fortunate to have my youngest beloved daughter in tow. She was finishing some exams from school, but graced me with her presence there and back.
Plus her whininess about me taking too many pictures,
and her car is broken down,
and she works too hard,
and she's irritated with her boyfriend.
That is me above, it was a windy Spring day that day, so we dressed in layers and set off down Church St. I am standing in front of St. Philips church by their beautiful white climbing roses. I will show you some general garden sightings , and include a poignant love story that we happened upon as we were leaving Charleston.
Alright, let me show you round....
Here is a beautiful grave marker that was in St. Philips church with an angel.

A common scene everywhere is large planters in front of almost every home. Land is at a premium here, almost no front yards, typically side yard gardens, and then these planters in front to welcome.
Also the true Charleston wrought iron and wood slat benches and planters, this was outside of Mrs. Whaley's home, a famous garden that she wrote a book about. An apparent feisty Charlestonian.
No, I have not seen it yet, the garden in back.
The residents also plant around light poles, trees in front, anything that doesn't move gets some small plants or ivy encircling it. I'll bet if I stood there long enough some gardener would come out and throw dirt around my feet , surround me with flowers and vines, and make me a landscape accent.
There people are serious , rabid gardeners !
I love that.
The residents also grow flowering vines around every wrought iron fixture and railing they can. Here is Confederate Jasmine, very common here. The steps are marble behind it.
Here is more, the funny thing I always consider, is that soon this will have fragrant flowers, which in turn attracts lots of bees, wasps, hornets, etc. So when you go in and out of your door at that blooming time,
it is a mad battle to get out fast and in fast as to not get stung.
Or they go in the back entrance.
I am guessing no one actually uses this entrance, but it is beautiful. Sometimes things can't be beautiful and useful in landscaping...come to think of it in all kinds of areas. But I could go off on that concept for another few paragraphs , so I will let you ponder it there. I need to keep showing you some pretty sights and get to my love story still.
 Peek inside.

I'm seeing a lot more hanging plaques in the vines, in the inner gardens here.

This was a shot of a front entry of a mansion on the Battery.

I really liked the drak green from the plants against the white wood around this home. White climbing roses too.

I better stop here, and tell you the poignant love story we heard from a couple as we were leaving. We had just gone to the candy store, to get some chocolate for the drive home. As we were walking in the parking lot, to my car...we both spotted an older couple holding hands. That sight always mesmerizes me , of any couple, of any age...but older couples have to surpass the view of younger ones , simply from the rarity of it.
I decided to stop them in their tracks.
After all, obvious love...needs to be noticed and acknowledged, I try to do that often.
So I came up behind them, said " Excuse me, can I take a picture of you two holding hands ? " I then explained I write this blog on Charleston, etc., and I would love a picture of them in it , if that was alright with them ?
They agreed, it was difficult at first, as I have an inexpensive digital camera, and it would not focus while they walked. So , I asked them to stop...and still keep holding hands.
Director Gina wanted this shot perfect.
They obliged,
here it is :
Aren't they too cute, very attractive couple. Too romantic and poignant. After this shot, I walked up , with my daughter...smiled and thanked them very much. Then I asked, " How long have you two been married ? "
Expecting 45+ years or so...I would say they were an attractive couple in their late 60's-early 70's. Their answer took me by surprise.
He responded 2 years, and she told him ," No, not two yet...but 1 1/2 years."
I quickly recovered from my surprise , ( thank goodness I can be quick on my toes sometimes ), and said, " Well you two are newlyweds ! "
They smiled, agreed, kept holding hands and looking at each other...and let me tell you...those cartoons with Daffy Duck or Mickey Mouse...and they show the heart pounding out of their chest and growing larger for effect ?
That is how they looked at each other, especially him towards her. I could see his eyes shining behind his sunglasses !! I was enthralled with them.
He told me more.
They had been high school sweethearts, some 30 + years ago they were in love back then. And now they were reunited and officially married. I wanted to ask them more, I was assuming their spouses had passed away from previous marriages...but we were late getting back to Columbia, and my daughter had to get her car from the repair shop.
I just told them ' Congratulations and thanks so much. "
I tore me and my sappy romantic tendencies, put them into my my daughter and we drove home.
We both kept smiling and talking about them.
Love is so precious , so valuable.
Their evident love made our trip memorable.
I also told my daughter , that we had blessed them as well...for noticing and acknowledging it.

I will have more pictures from that day in other entries.

I hope you have a great day, I hope you see an act of evident love,

" O taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him ! " Psalm 34:8-9


  1. wow i am impressed. what a beautiful virtual journey that was. I am sure you must have enjoyed a lot. I love the way they have grown their climbers and flowering plants. lovely sight.

  2. It is more beautiful there than my pictures can show, thanks ! Gina

  3. I love all the garden gates and the stone pathways. What a wonderful place; I hope to visit one day. Thank you for sharing these photos, this will do for me now.

  4. I'm so glad you liked them, thanks Carla ! Gina

  5. Wonderful city, beautiful gardens, good people who plant them. You had a great time with your daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  6. A few years ago some girlfriends and I went to Charleston for a garden tour. We got to go into Mrs Whaley's garden. It seems to be much as her book described. You can sure get the feeling of her still there. Thanks for faving my blog. I plan to enjoy yours too.

  7. Thanks so much, I hope to get in there myself ! Take care, Gina

  8. Absolutely Gorgeous, just joined and visited via Blogtanica. I think i like the ivy covered steps best. Blessings Meg

  9. Beautiful Story, beautiful photo's. I feel the same way when I see an older couple still holding hands. My husband and I have been married for 32 yrs, and when our hectic lives slow a pace, we still occasionally hold hands during a stroll.

  10. HI Meg, so glad you joined ! I love all the ivy -covered steps, I have more pictures of those in other Charleston entries too., Thanks ! Gina

    Hi Tammy, Holding hands is a sign of deep love, good for you both ! Thanks, Gina

  11. Hi Gina - so glad I found your blog. It is a beauty. And glad you are on mine. Check out my other blog Barb's Botanical Garden, more on my antiques and garden. Write that book you are talking about. You can do it. Who thought I would? I may come your way to market my book and we can finally meet. Hugs, Barbara

  12. Wow. Great photos! Makes me want to go flower shopping.

  13. Thanks much, I have some more to put on, thanks for following ! Gina

  14. a wonderful tour! i just love charleston and their beautiful courtyards! that cofederate jasmine is amazing stuff. thanks for stopping by my blog today :0)

  15. Amazing!!
    Your photos are beautiful and I loved it the tour through the gardens of South Carolina. Must really be a dream to live in those parts where I see a lot of care and love for their gardens.
    Thank you very much for visiting the blog pages that I share with some friends (I hope you are able to translate the pages) and I think I'll be back to see you often, since I put on my blog too that I will update your link with your beautiful images.
    Lovely the history of the birds fountain with bubbles! Hahaha!

  16. Hi Erin, So nice to hear you have been to Charleston ! I love your blog, thanks much !Appreciate you joining, Gina

    Hi Tyziana, You also have beautiful photos, no, I am unable to translate from this end, thanks so much ! Thanks for following, Gina

  17. aloha gina,

    wow, what a beautiful love story, i love those kind of moments of chance!

    charleston is so beautiful in spring, i think i took alot of the same pictures as yours but in wintertime, especially some of those amazing ironwork and the door with all the jasmine, i'm positive i went down that same street, although it was 20 degrees when i was walking down those streets and bone cold!!!

    i'd love to walk down there again instead at this time of the year!

  18. You probably did, but I can't feel too sorry for you as you live in HAWAII !!!! Thanks, Gina

  19. This is truly a very majestic garden, the first time I see staircase lined covered with beautiful green creeping vines. I love the way the greenery hugs to the walls, steps, doors and other structures of the building. To top it up, you had a beautiful love story to tell us. What an enjoyable virtual online journey I have had here.

  20. I am so happy you enjoyed it ! Thanks much, Gina

  21. Charleston is a very beautiful city isn't it? I haven't been there in a long time but would love to visit it again.

  22. You have to go soon ! Spring and Summer are so gorgeous ! Take care, Gina


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