Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unnoticed BLESSINGS of the Ordinary ABUNDANT Life

A ladybug blessing

I have come to a revelation lately , and what is so surprising is that it comes at a not-so-great time in my life, you know we all have those times...but God teaches us in the valleys and the trenches more than on the mountain tops right ? 
I came to a revelation about what ' the abundant life 'means, that Jesus tells us He came to give us in the Bible. We all have this skewed version of abundance these days, typically relate it to lots of money, lots of material possessions, lots of attention , lots of status, lots of ' spectacular visions ' which are developed by the media. You see those ' blessed ' people that have an expensive new car, new chic clothes, new shiny baubles on their fingers and neck, new girlfriends or boyfriends to replace older models,  new large vacation plans to surpass your neighbor's plans , new and bigger everything.

But what I know, and I mean really know...is I believe the abundance we search for to fulfill us, satisfy us...is always there. Right at the tip of our fingers.
Right before your eyes.
Everyday, every evening.
But we cannot have it until we notice it.
This has become evident to me , and I believe anyone else who has experienced a death or a loss of someone they truly , deeply loved , or a separation...then you see what you overlooked.
Daily, hourly.
The moments I am referring to consist of glimpses of your loved ones doing ordinary, over-looked, often ignored by us tasks.
Examples that come to my mind:
The bend of my husband's neck when he is working or reading something , the sound of footsteps in your home  , the sound of a key turning in the lock before they enter, the play of light on your wife's hair , the sight of her puttering around the kitchen about to prepare a simple meal, the gift of sharing a meal, your loved one's  breath on your neck when they hold you, their warmth beside you at night .
Quick kisses of hello or goodbye. 
Each and every glimpse of your children , dirty from play, earnestness of questions and opinions coming from their mouths, the sight of them deeply sleeping in their beds.
Smelling fresh brewed coffee in the morning, licking frosting off a knife that you have just decorated a birthday cake with , the feel of a nice long hot bath, everyday phone calls from loved ones, the sight of your dog running to you with their leash in their mouth .
Walking side by side.
The shine in a loved one's eyes , the opportunities to buy them a gift , sharing holidays, the opportunities to tell them about your day, that you love them. To hear them tell you that they love you.
Simply their presence...I believe that is the biggest gift of all.
This ladybug likes me

Remembering laughs, remembering how your loved one sounds when they laugh.
The sight of sunlight filtering through trees, sounds of locusts in deep summer, birds singing for us daily in the early morning , the sound of crashing waves at your favorite beach , the warmth of the sun on your face, the chill of a first snowfall. 
There are really too may ordinary things and activities we take for granted ...daily, that I would be writing until late in the day to mention all of them.
Then I probably wouldn't even finish or notice all of them.
These moments are taken for granted , unnoticed, ignored and forgotten as soon as they happen and pass us by.
They are your life though. They are gifts of abundance , everyday gifts that God allows in our lives. He wants us to notice them and appreciate them.
They are what make up the abundance of your life.
Only when you lose someone , does it hit you hard...just the ordinary things of a day.

I hope you consider what you allow to pass by , daily.
They are treasures of your life, to fill the treasure chest in your heart...I believe God designed it that way.
You can have that abundant life...just look around.

Wishing you vision today,

" The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill , and to destroy. I have come that they may have life , and that they may have it more abundantly. " John 10:10 

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