Sunday, May 2, 2010

Historic CHARLESTON, South Carolina Gardens & More

Here is another entry with more sights of gardens, and other random sights we saw in Charleston last Tuesday . My daughter went with me, and we had a good time....when she wasn't whining about life ( can't imagine where she gets that from ).
Here she is , my youngest beloved daughter,
I always tell her, Chin Up ! You are young and beautiful and you have a heart of gold...she'll realize how great life was in time. The good and the bad , we have to take it as it comes, and God balances it out somehow.
Ok, here we go:
Beautiful large leaded glass half-moon window above a doorway .

I have no idea what kind of car this is, we saw it...walked up to take a quick picture and it had such a looooonnnggg name on it, without pencil and paper , we did not have a chance of remembering it. I'll bet some car buff knows what this is ?

Always beautiful elaborate wrought iron gates in drives here.

Another antique fountain I want at my house.

Great colors , all the way to the inside exterior areas.

A backyard glimpse of an unusual modern sculpture, they had about three modern sculptures , but it was difficult to get these shots.
 Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure some people like , beauty is in the eye of the beholder right  ? ,( or whoever paid for this ).
Cha-ching , I'll wager.

 Here's a fun shot of me wistfully hoping I could either have this garden, be inside these gates...or both. I have to tear myself off of these bars every time I come by this house.
Every single time.
My dream garden.

Street view, lovely live oaks line many streets here.

I remember this shot, because my daughter and I were walking on the other side of the street, and I saw this on the opposite side, I told her to stay there...and I walked quickly across, went right into the drive...and scared a repairman coming from the house.
He jumped, and I got three shots of this side area.
I believe my daughter thought he was cute.

This is how I envision all my little boxwoods turning out that I have.

 Great gnome doorknocker on door here.

Little scary one here, but cool.
  One of the many spoiled rotten dogs that live on the Battery, does this dog know where he lives !! ?
 We had many opportunities , with many dogs to spread a little love around...even dogs who live in downtown historic Charleston need love right ?
Lucky, lucky dogs. My daughter loving them up.
But we are equal opportunity pet-lovers, as shown below...
Spoiled rotten cat in downtown Charleston , lounging  on the sidewalk.
Isn't she cute ?

Make sure you go on a carriage tour when you come here.
We met the most delightful woman who lives here, we had passed her going down the sidewalk, this is directly on the in the double-digit millions , and I was taking a picture of this garden..and she stands there and looks at me. I turn , see she is going into this house, and we chat about Charleston. She has only lived there about 7 years, and was renovating...just so nice.
I believe her name was Marilyn, my daughter said she thought her name was Caroline...which leads me to believe it was Carolyn.
So much for eye-witness accounts.
I got a close-up shot of my identical statue of cherubs here , as the front gate was open that day.

I hope to go back sometime later this month , as gardens are getting into high gear as we speak there.
My last shot will be our treat on the way home, homemade chocolate praline and something called chocolate bark.
You get these at the Charleston Candy Kitchen by the market.

 Chocolate is guaranteed to stop residual whining , about Mom taking too many pictures, even by 21 year olds.
Works every time.
Have a great day,


  1. What an awsome journey this must have been. I love garden art and roses! I have many roses but not so much on the art. side. Glad I found your blog.

  2. Thanks so much, I am glad you found it too, have a great day, Gina

  3. Gina ~ Thanks for the wonderful tour of beautiful Charleston. What a treat!


  4. You are more than welcome, thanks for reading it ! Gina

  5. You do a better job of posting stuff about Charleston gardens than I do and I live here every single day and apparently I just can't get myself motivated to do it. Like I'll always have tomorrow or something.

    You wouldn't believe the amount of minor trespassing I do though....

  6. I just take a gazillion pics when I come down, as I feel so rushed to capture everything ! Your blog is great ! take care Jess ! Gina

  7. Thank you for the fantastic tour! I didn't much care for the modern sculpture either, but I am sure the owner must like it. It seems that Charleston is the perfect strolling city!

    I love your blog; I really like the Forster quote at the beginning. How true!

  8. Thanks so much Deb ,Have a great day, Gina

  9. Thank you, thank you!I desperitely needed a mini-vacation and your blog posting was a breath of fresh air!!! I can't wait to do something like that this summer!!

  10. I am so thankful that I have you to show me the beauty of Charleston. I love the roses by the white picket fence and the decorative gates especially. I do hope to get there someday :-)

  11. Go sooner rather than later, high humidity and heat make it a mini-sauna during the summer ! Thanks ! Gina

  12. Wow, love your pictures! I'm trying to "class up" the front yard of my 1939 Sarasota cottage and your pictures gave me alot of ideas! Thanks :D! Angela


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