Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Beautiful Blonde Woman I saw in Charleston , SC

I'll start this out by saying...and disappointing many of did not take a picture of the beautiful blonde woman I saw in Charleston a few days ago. But hang on...the sight of her made me consider the things of  God.
I was at the end of my second go-round of treks through the downtown historic neighborhoods of Charleston, South Carolina. It was a typical hot afternoon in the South ...and I was taking my usual random photos of fences , doors, gardens, water spouts, wrought iron, etc. When I stopped and crossed a street, I believe it was S. Battery but may have been Tradd St. ...I looked up at a house with a lovely garden...and then saw her.
I watched her water her flowers , she had her blonde hair pulled up loosely in a bun of some sort...summer tank top, shorts. She was probably under 40 years of age , living in a home worth about 1.5-3.0 million dollars ,( I used to be a Realtor). She was lightly tanned...really pretty , and I smiled at her while I walked past. She smiled briefly back at me...a polite acknowledgment..not rude..not overly friendly. I kept walking, noticing the beautiful house, the gardens, the ideal location of her home...right off the Battery , her beauty..and her shiny very expensive SUV in her driveway. I immediately thought, " Boy, is she lucky !' ,  I bet she is so happy with all that she has !...  Looks , beautiful home, very nice car, living in the premier area of historic Charleston ( that was the clincher to me). 
Then I started thinking deeper ,( one of my best and worst qualities all rolled into one ). Does this woman know of God..about Jesus ? Does she know, truly know the really important things of this world...the ones that come from God ? Like kindness , gratefulness ? Is her husband kind to her...does she know he loves her ? Does she notice and appreciate the small things of warm sunshine, laughter,  a cool breeze , a smile from a stranger or friend , the food on her plate, the soft bed she sleeps in? Does she appreciate her blessings, material and otherwise ? I could go on and on , but you know what I mean. It is easy when you have everything materially and financially to forget that they can never, ever satisfy you and make your life complete. We all walk around daily, see someone who appears to have it ' made ' , have it ' all"...and we think  "Gee are they lucky or what ? " But in reality we know NOTHING about their lives , we do not know their troubles, their heartaches, their triumps, NOTHING. We only see the surface.
So that is what I considered as I went on my way...leaving the beautiful blonde woman to her perfect life. What I thought about also was the look in her eyes. I believe you can tell so much about someone by the look in their eyes. Her  " look ' appeared to have something missing . I also know this is all speculation , she may be  happy , a strong woman , a great person , she may be grateful . But I do know I am a very observant person...and something was not quite ' perfect.'
It made an impression on me , it made me think of God.
More later,

 " Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature , because I have refused him. For the LORD does not see us as man sees , for man looks at the outward appearance , but the LORD looks at the heart . " Samuel 16 :7

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  1. I'd read this on one of my earlier forays. The older I get, the more I've come to understand that things are seldom as simple we see them.


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