Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sights in Historic Charleston, South Carolina

I love historic Charleston, South Carolina...and since I can drive there in under two hours...I try to go as often as I can. I went there yesterday and after a three + hour trek through the downtown neighborhoods, from the Market area ...all the way to the Battery....I took many pictures of wrought iron fencing, gardens, door knockers , and the massive wooden doors of homes. I enjoy doing this as I am a gardener and I get much inspiration from this beautiful city. I hope you enjoy some of these pictures.

This is St. Philips Church, built in the 1700's, and is usually the spot where I start all my walks in Charleston. Look at the gorgeous wrought ironwork gates.
To the upper right is the Calhoun mansion with the god Mercury statue in the front gardens. The garden is perfectly manicured and one of the best in downtown Charleston.
To the upper left is the middle garden of the Calhoun mansion.

At the top is the back huge three-tired fountain at the Calhoun mansion. It has some lovely cement antique statues of birds on the edges.
At the very top is some heavy , wrought iron gates in downtown Charleston.

Check back , I will be showing more antique original sightings from Charleston. Save this blog if you like, Gina

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  1. Hi Gina!

    I'm going to start at the very beginning of your blog and work my way through...a couple of posts a day till I'm done :)

    I have dived and delved in amongst your archives previously, but this way makes more sense and I'm sure it will be very much more rewarding.

    I think of you often and hope you are keeping your head above water and treading gently and steadily towards the shore. I also hope you are finding time and inspiration to be in your Spring garden.

    Our son was involved in a nasty accident (car turned right across his path on a green light for him!,) on Thursday evening, but thankfully, was unharmed. He always wears his seatbelt and his airbags were deployed.

    The other vehicle rolled and, although there were injuries, none serious. The driver is from Senegal, no insurance, not his vehicle. The car was a write-off. My son's car is badly damaged and may well be written off by the insurers, but of course, these things are just minor issues. I realise how very fortunate we are and try not to dwell on what could have happened in that split second.


    Des xoxo


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