Saturday, September 26, 2009

Doors of Downtown Historic Charleston, South Carolina

In this guide I will show you the front doors of the historic downtown homes of Charleston, South Carolina. I have to tell you though, that every time I took a picture of one of these beautiful old wood made me think of my husband. That is the  WOOD of the doors made me think of my husband. Stay with me and I will explain. We have been married a looooonnnngggg time, and  he still does this every time we go out to a restaurant. I sit across from him, raise my big brown eyes to him and smile. He in turn, looks at me seriously...then taps the table in between us with his finger and says...." Do you know what kind of wood this is ?" EVERYTIME we go out...for 28+ years ! I have learned to decipher the wood pretty well, he has his Masters in Forestry and is a Master I have learned to forgo romance when he is around any wood products, including tables. 
Ok, let's go look at these gorgeous antique wooden doors ! 

This was a 1 Meeting St. Built in 1849 by a cotton broker , it has these two large double wooden doors with etched glass.

This was a typical door in Charleston, painted black...and has the original beautiful marble entry steps. See the planters are also painted black beside the door ?

Here is a grand , large door also painted black with large columns that are actually part of the house.

Again, large double doors painted black and wrought iron railings up the sides. These doors are about 15 feet tall.

Some very grand , yet typical for Charleston, large wood doors with etched glass.

 They also have the dark stained wood doors here.

One of my very favorite doors I found in a inner , quieter street. Stained glass transom and door inserts. Plus gorgeous wrought iron all around this home.

Here is a closer look at the door.

So nice ! Large wooden door ( I can just see my husband tapping this and asking me " What kind of wood is this ? " ), and it also has the large sidelights as well. Oh...I would say this is oak.

These were very grand, very tall double wooden doors.

This is a close up of the doorknobs and escutcheon plates...again , very grand on this old Victorian home.
These were some fabulous double wooden doors with elaborate molding and marble steps and entry in the front.

Here was a different door, as most doors were not painted white here. I remember taking this shot as I backed into a car ( it was parked ), tripped backwards on the sidewalk, and then got honked at by a woman wanting me out of her way. This was on a very narrow side street off of Church St.

I keep showing you these doors painted black as it really is so dominant here. Doors painted black, fountains and statues painted black, black wrought iron , planters painted black. I believe I was all in black that day , so I fit right in.

One of my favorite doors , not grand at all like the others...but I'm not really a ' grand'  kind of gal, I appreciate charm more. This was a precious door, I loved the curved top and more than that the 1/2 behind the number. That is a common element you see here, many side addresses of homes with the 1/2 behind the number. Just love that about Charleston !
I hope these inspire you to give your front door a ' Charleston " feel to it.
More later,

" I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go out and find pasture. " John 10:9