Thursday, September 10, 2009

Glimpse of Gardens in downtown Historic Charleston, SC

If you are a garden-lover, garden enthusiast , or simply a person who appreciates beauty...then walking through downtown historic Charleston will enthrall you. I live close to Charleston , so am able to drive there and walk the neighborhoods between the Market and the Battery...and beyond All of these photos were taken from the sidewalks in front of homes, or near their allow you to see what you will see if you are able to come to Charleston and view all of this firsthand. The above garden was one that simply went on and on...into the backyard.

Here was another common sight, the narrow side garden...which is really their front yards, as land is at a premium here, and the side of the house is almost always the larger area for planting. See the brickwork ? Hardly any cement in Charleston, usually red clay bricks, crushed oyster shells, pebbles, slate...and cobblestones are what is used for paving.

Here was a garden, almost a secret garden that I saw from the sidewalk...where the talented homeowners made a knot garden with closely manicured holly bushes , pebbles and a palm tree. Plus on both sides they had wrought iron benches.

I believe this was a large garden in front of one of the mansions off the Battery. Very English formal garden style , and many have a French garden design as well.

Again , more formal gardens with closely cropped bushes, almost always a fountain enclosed.


Wouldn't this be fun to try to emulate...or really fun to take a small child through and play as if it is a maze. There is a small maze garden , near the park area that children go through. Unfortunately ..I was too chicken to go in the top of the bushes appear to be grown over...and may make me feel claustrophobic. I will have to go in there for sure as fear ...even of holly bushes in a not a good thing. My husband and son went in there and arrived safely out many times.

 Another common view of looking through iron gates at brick encircled fountains with mandevilla vines growing through the bars.

Many of these large pool fountains , as a center point of interest in the garden or as a large accent piece near the front of the home....are a large round pool with a tiered fountain placed inside them.

I am not by any stretch of the imagination a professional photographer, but I do believe this was my best ' artistic' shot of a glimpse of a garden. When you look into these gardens, it does appear or feel almost ' magical ' quite often.

So far, my very favorite garden in Charleston. This was is off of S. Battery street. See the large bronze statue in the center , the sago palms at all four corners, the crushed oyster shell paths ? also notice the holly bushes, all clipped and edged perfectly. In the background is another garden...wish I could see it ! This is seen through heavy wrought iron gates. I felt like a puppy in a fenced yard...looking at this garden...from the outside in.
Will post many more pictures of Charleston soon.
I hope God blesses you today,   Gina
" I am the vine  , ye are the branches  ; He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bring forth much fruit ; for without me ye can do nothing. " John 15:5



  1. I loved Mrs. Whaley's book on gardening and so enjoy your trips through Charleston gardens! Please, please keep adding these lovely garden walks! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I wonder if the owners of those lavish gardens self-maintain or whether they employ gardening services to keep everything so neatly clipped. The climate must be ideal as everything seems to flourish! Indeed, some of the peeks you have shared with us are truly like seeing into a secret, magical garden!

  3. I see by the dates that this is an old blog but Thank You I live in Alaska and April is nothing like Charleston in the spring. But we do love gardening even if the season is about 4 months long. These intimate gardens are so inspirational for us who want to celebrate the spirit of mother earth.


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