Monday, July 5, 2010

My FAVORITE View looking out at MY Garden from My HOME

I think we all have favorite views from our homes of our gardens...and mine is from my picture window in our den. I designed my garden so I could see it best this way....or maybe it evolved by itself so I could see it best this way.
Either way...I so enjoy sitting , especially in the mornings, drinking my coffee, reading the paper, and of course eating my customary cheerios , blueberries & bananas smorgasbord in a bowl .
 The weather here has been so much cooler, by about 10-15 degrees , that I can leave my screen door open behind me, and listen to the birds, cicadas..and smile at my garden.
Or I sit here and look intensely at it, trying to figure out if I like what I see, what needs to be changed , what needs to be done out there.
I'm pretty intense about things in general...or goofy. Either or , depends on whatever is going on in imagination/contemplation central in my head.
I make Ms. Spoiled rotten sweet Maxine go outside in the mornings, and she likes to lay by my screen door in the morning sun. I like to see her there. I like to see the sun glistening off her black fur coat.

Then I look above her, through the screen and see my white crape myrtle I planted , behind the lattice...showing the tips of its blossoms around the corner of my porch.
Nice too.
So here I gaze and think. I bet you have a view that is your favorite at home,

I look directly down and see my romantic cupids and sunlight playing on my caladiums and my chairs.
I look up and see my large River birch and my pink crape myrtles behind it.

I like to look at the peeling bark of the River birch. Squirrels are usually climbing all over this tree in the mornings....afternoons, and evenings.
I look down the back left side and miss my back path I had there, and notice how badly I need to fix the back left bed I have sorely neglected. So easy to neglect something you don't see very well, the more hidden, less evident areas of our gardens and yards isn't it ?

Know what's in the top right corner of this picture ? One of my favorite things in this window.
This large stained glass window.
One of our many antique stained glass windows , that we have in our windows or walls at our house.
I like how the early sunlight shines through it. The blue is bluer and the leaded glass brighter.

I usually look up through the leaves of the tree too, a lot. I like to see them blow in the breeze or how the sun flickers off the leaves early morning or late evening.
The morning is starting to get away from me...I walked very early , as always, had my breakfast looking out at my I will my dinner, and now I need to run some errands before we take our little squirt to see Toy Story 3.

Hope your day is good, I hope you enjoy the views of your life,

" Your right hand has held me up , Your gentleness has made me great. You enlarged the path under me, So my feet did not slip. " Psalm 18:35-36


  1. Well I've got my cuppa coffee here and just been looking through your Den window and your garden looks ever so inviting with the streams of light fitering through the trees. Those are beautiful stainglass windows - they look antique.

  2. My favorite view is out my kitchen window where I can see a large hosta bed. Your river birch is very nice.

  3. Thanks Rosie , yes ..all the stained glass windows we have are antique.

    Hi Jeff, My hostas are not not happy this year at all. I needed to have divided them last Summer. I like my birch too, it is a messy tree though, limbs breaking off constantly. thanks much, Gina

  4. I enjoyed seeing all your pretty views, with favorite plants and the stained glass, and the doggie with black coat glistening.

  5. It's a lovely view! I hear what you are saying about sitting there in the morning, drinking coffee... I can relate to that. It's my favorite time of the day, when everyone else is sleeping and I am on my own. Love your stained glass window!

  6. I can see why you appreciate that view! It's gorgeous. Believe it or not my favorite view of the garden is from the bathroom window. LOL I stand there alot thru out the day and look at the garden and it's my favorite window after the garden has been bathed in a nice rain shower. I wish there was room for a chair in there. The window is too far up from the floor so I have to stand.

  7. That is a great view. You have a beautiful garden.

  8. Unfortunately, when we bought this house 6 years ago, the window situation wasn't on my mind (next time it WILL be).

    The best view is from the sun porch that we added at the back of the house. Unfortunately, in the hot weather we've been having, it has been too hot to sit back there.

    Oh, well. I'll just look at YOUR window views and practice contentment with what I have will being happy for you! Just wonderful there.

  9. You have a great view of your garden from the window in your den. My favorite room to enjoy the view of my garden from is my kitchen table. It's so nice to start the day by seeing what's new in the garden each day. Your garden is very peaceful looking.

  10. Terra-Thanks , I love Maxine's coat too.

    Tatyana-Yes, without a doubt, my very favorite time.
    Randy & Jamie-Hey, we have to look at our gardens where we can. I would LOVE to see my garden from my bath,m but my husband put a stained glass window I cannot see out !

    Hey Erin, Ms. Blue eyes, thanks !

    Hey Gardener on Sherlock, thanks much !

    Rebecca-I want a porch off the back too, lucky you !

    Susan- My kitchen table is in my den, right where I showed...I have no eat in kitchen, ha!

  11. Everything you mentioned looks very nice. I too look around and begin to think about what needs to be done, sometimes more than just enjoying the work I've already put in! Oh well... Riverbirch is a favorite of mine too, we just planted one last year and it's doing great! I can see it right out my large living room window. Don't really have any other good "view" windows except maybe the bedroom. My next house, if I ever get another, will have large windows! I like how you put pictures between your comments and how they "go" together, very nice!

  12. Thanks much rather be Hikin. I try to make things go together hen I can on this. take care !

    Hi Darla, nice to see you here !

  13. Hola Gina, a think your garden is so pretty that whatever window you choose to look outside would be perfect for a wonderful view!!!!
    Ank oh your stained glass window is a treasure!!!!!
    maria cecilia


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