Thursday, July 8, 2010

My One GARDEN GATE & One that I Want Still

I have one large wooden garden gate, off the back of my garden, really unseen , that leads to my neighbor's house basically.

 The house had been vacant for about two years while a family was settling an estate, and I just had a chain-length fence and gate for many years. Then a nice family moved in, and I asked my husband to put me up a large wood fencing and a gate door, so I could have some privacy in my garden when I was back there. After about a year, he finally put one up. I had been asking for a large wooden fence for about 5 years.
One reason or another, then finally I got it.

 At first this was just a plain wood gate, no window. The man who lives next door , told us he was disappointed that he could not talk to us over the gate anymore. I then asked my husband to cut a little window out , and this is what he did.
I was never trying to be rude to our neighbors, I just need some privacy in my back garden .
 This is our viewpoint. 

 This is more their viewpoint, looking in. I rarely see anyone looking in...but that is Ok. At least they know they can if they want.

I am always enthralled when I see a gate with a small window that looks into someone's garden. I want to walk up and look inside. The gate with the see-thru makes it more least from a distance.
This is what you see from that view....further inside.

 I liked this shot of me and some cut bush roses I was trimming , and in the distance is the small window of my garden gate. I asked my little boy to take a picture of me and my roses, but he got the gate and the window in the distance too. I felt like it showed what was in my past and then simultaneously what dreams I had for the future...all through that window of my garden gate. Probably makes no sense to you, that's just how it makes me feel when I see it.
These pink crape myrtles are draping my fence and my garden gate. They also give our neighbors a beautiful flowering canopy view on their side.
I used this shot in my header, I love the strong bright light coming through here.
Wait, I believe it is this closer shot of the sun coming through that I used,

This is looking through now , from the other side.
See how pretty in the early morning light it is , with my crape myrtles in full bloom ?

I enjoy looking at the delicate shadows cast by the crape myrtles branches and blossoms. Silhouettes on my fence and gate.
Sun is getting higher now, and I keep thinking that I want my husband to build my fence on the opposite side of the drive, and I want my special heart shape cut out the middle of that gate...the true entrance gate for my garden , for a window.
So it would signify that I love my garden, that I made my garden with love.
Corny and sappy right ?
Perfect for this yardlady. 
He says he will do it...sometime.
I know he will do it for me.
Hope everyone out there is staying cool , where it is sweltering...or getting rain if they need it, or basically taking care of themselves as we head into deep Summer,
" One thing I have desired of the LORD , That will I seek ; That I may dwell in the house of the LORD , All the days of my life , To behold the beauty of the LORD. " Psalm 27:4


  1. That cross in the window of the gate, with the light streaming through from behind, gives me the feeling of a crucifix in a church window.

  2. Yes, it does , we have some other crosses in our front arbor...but you are right, especially with the bright light shining through it. I will add that to my mind when I look at it, to remember that, thanks Robur.

  3. Your gate is perfect. There is an alley between us and our back yard neighbors. When we want to chat, we're always standing on the stringers of their fence. The window is a great idea. I hope you get your other gate soon. The heart is a great idea.

  4. I also went for years without the privacy gate and fence. I now have the fence; made a better neighbor of my Eastern facing neighbor. I do like the privacy it offers as well!


  5. Gardener on S.- Thanks , I'll get my heart gate soon I believe.

    La Maison Fou-You understand too, thanks so much for stopping by !

  6. Gina ~ I love your gate and hour hubby did a great job with it. Your gate 'to be' with the heart cut out will be wonderfully romantic. One day it will be a reality.

    I also like my privacy, we both do, so we are fenced and hedge in on all sides. Our driveway gate is lattice, and the two front gates are iron. People have looked in the front one that is off the sidewalk, and they see a path going right and left. They have to basically wonder what is down the paths. Living on a busy 5 lane street, with lots of pedestrians, privacy is precious.

    Enjoy your lovely back garden. Your crepes are so pretty. Love that picture of you also.


  7. Great picture of the gate with the sun streaming in.
    I am lucky enough to have a back yard that looks onto a large vacant plot. My husband constructed the back fence and gate to have a view of the grass and trees.
    Still, I can understand your wish for privacy.I view my garden as a refuge from the world. It is were I like to go and unwind.

  8. Thanks sweet Flowerlady, it is so ironic that I like my privacy in my garden but I have everything back there BLASTED all over the internet via this blog !! We are so goofy aren't we all ( me especially ) !?

    Hi 3 dogs and a garden- Yes, you do understand, thanks for dropping by !

  9. I love your garden gate. The window just makes it.I cannot blame you for wanting some privacy. We all need that time alone without the world watching us. Your crape myrtles are so big. How pretty.

  10. I so enjoyed every single angle OF and THROUGH your beautiful garden gate window. There IS something that beckons us to "peek in" when offered the chance!

    I know you'll have a heart-shaped opening one of these days. Half the joy is in the anticipation!

  11. I think windows provide glimpses of certain sections of a garden, which enables us to enjoy a small part at a time - enjoying the details that we might miss if we viewed the garden as a whole all at once :-)

  12. Your posts are a breath of fresh air!
    Thank you for sharing Gina.

  13. I adore your upbeat blogging. You brought a little smile to my face reading about dancing. Boy those were the days :)
    I adore your gardens and the gate is just awesome. I also love Charleston, SC. We vacation in MB every summer and I usually take a tour there. Love everything. I love you'lls graveyards also....

  14. Hi Peeoknee- Thanks so much for stopping by, I am unsure what MB is ? Yes, I have run through the graveyards with my youngest daughter ( I believe she was 17 at the time ) in downtown Charleston, and she was was at night. Don't do that anymore ! thanks much, Gina

  15. Beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful pics. Much respect to your dear daughter Sarah. God bless. Looking forward to more of your garden creations. :)


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