Thursday, October 22, 2009

BEAUTY is in The EYE of the BEHOLDER...Thanks Be to GOD

Since I sell antique and vintage paintings online, one of the benefits is going on ' painting hunts ', which I try to do once or twice a week at the very least.  You know when you are out searching for beauty in is so very nice to have God show you it through people as well. I am not talking about beautiful people...I am talking about when their words and actions display intense beauty. Let me tell you about the woman in the antique mall who loudly declared, " He's MY HUSBAND and you CAN'T have him ! ".

  I'll start this off by saying she wasn't saying that to me...she was loudly and happily declaring it to another  woman shopping that day. Let me set the stage of the entire scenario. We have 4 players , the happy wife , the husband , the happy other woman-shopper , and me. 
I had just passed a booth and a woman , she was attractive, early 60's, cropped blond or working in a booth . I was unsure , I did not know if she was a dealer because in the next booth over was a large man sitting in a large armchair...obviously waiting for her. As I walked into the booth he was sitting in , there was a huge sign...actually a couple of them, that said " 50 % off EVERYTHING in THIS BOOTH. "There was a lot of artwork, so I looked at about 10 or so prints and paintings , smiled briefly at him, and then ALMOST said , " Are you 50% off too ? " But did not know if it would offend him or his wife, so I did not. 10 years ago I would have said it in a heartbeat, but...trying to rein in my mouth more.


So I kept walking, got about two booths down, and then I hear HER. The other woman-happy shopper. She was also in her 60's , I glanced back when I heard her speak...and she had no problem telling the happy-wife shopper  EXACTLY what she thought. Follow this :

Happy-Other-Woman-Shopper: ( she was in the 50 % off booth ): Well, are YOU 50% off ? ( to the husband)

Happy-wife : " No he is NOT, that is MY HUSBAND ! You CAN'T have HIM !"

Happy-Other-Woman-Shopper: : " OH but I am TEMPTED ! I may snatch him up at 50 % off ! "

The entire time this is going on , I never turned around, but I could envision all their expressions. 

Happy-wife: " NO you CAN NOT ! He is the BEST husband in the world, he just got off a plane and is tired but he is here with me. I LOVE him, he is so wonderful , he is so great "( ..and on and on she went ).

Happy other woman-shopper: " Well I declare ,( we are in the South here ), he DOES  sound like the BEST husband in the world, I am still tempted but I'll have to keep shopping. "

And off she went, this was accompanied by lots of laughter and good feelings floating through the air...I could FEEL that man brimming with pride and happiness, and I wasn't even near him anymore.

It made me realize that it is so true that Beauty is in The Eye of the Beholder , and without a doubt thanks be to God who made us this way.
The husband was not an Adonis , not dressed snazzy , he was not a lady-killer by any means. But in his wife's eyes, he was EVERYTHING and more, that she dreamed a husband could be. He had somehow made himself ' beautiful ' , in every way to her. And in turn, the Beauty or rather Love he reflected back to her , blessed me and the happy-other woman-shopper beyond words.
I found some nice paintings that day , but the memory of that obvious display of love , was the most beautiful find of all.
I hope your day is full of beauty,