Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hair-Flippin' Women in Church Today

At the Met in NYC with Cupid & Psyche sculpture

This morning in church, actually even before we got into the sanctuary...the very Imperfect Christian woman in me reared her ugly head. When we were signing in our son for his Sunday School class...Mrs. Do almost EVERYTHING too fast...gets irritated with a very sllloooowww third grader trying to sign herself in. I just waited and waited, we were running late this morning, and this precious little girl could not find her name on the list. I wanted to say " Hey, what's your name ? Let me do this " get her out of the My husband never hurries, never rushes...he likes to stand there and watch me control my hissy-fits. So anyway, got into church, late, a little flustered...and during the entire sermon a very nice mom and daughter sat in front of us...and let me tell you... they were outright, full-blown hair-flippin' women. 
I sat and tried to listed to the sermon, but I am so visually stimulated, ( that's why I love art so much ), that I could not help but be distracted by the mother first flipping and tossing and stroking her hair. Then the daughter, about 16...tossing, stroking, playing, twisting, caressing, and most definitely flipping her hair....over and over. I wanted to reach over and tell them both to ' Cease and desist with all this flippin." Women do this for attention, and I sat back thinking why do some women need so much attention,( guilty here, but I am NOT a hair flipper ), and what kind of example are we giving our this was learned behavior from mother to daughter.
I decided God wanted me to learn a different lesson in church today, I  thought of the example I am living out for my children...especially my daughters. They mimic us, our mannerisms, our beliefs, our words , our values. It is a sobering and scary thought. But as Christians we need to always think about what are actions will do to our children , as they do follow in our footsteps...for better or worse. The attention we need to reach for the most is from God.

So I do thank God for those two hair-flippers in front of me today.
More later,