Friday, October 30, 2009

The ORIGINAL SPOOKY Old JAIL of Charleston, South Carolina

My little Transformer

Since Halloween is tomorrow  , when I was in Charleston , South Carolina yesterday ...I decided to take some photos of the spooky old jail that is said to be haunted. I took my youngest daughter on this trip, she is easily scared of anything to do with ghosts and I am easily scared of anything remotely we were quite a crew heading over there.
C'mon, I'll show it to you...

Here it is ! It is being renovated to house the Arts school , and so you see some extra additions to it. We got wonderfully lost looking for this because I told my daughter I KNEW where it was...but I came at it from the opposite direction than I usually do, and it took awhile for me to get my bearings . Which in turn freaked her out, she kept saying " We're LOST , ask someone directions !'..and I in turn laughed back at her, " I LOVE to get lost in the historic neighborhoods here, because I always discover something new . "  She in turn told me I was NUTS, and I kept laughing and stopped walking, turned abruptly to my left side and saw IT..over there.
I smugly said, " Told you I knew where it was  ", and we walked over for a closer look.

This jail was built in 1802 and housed pirates and also housed  federal prisoners during the Civil War. The carriage tour guides tell a story that it is haunted by the only woman who was hanged here , and I believe even housed here , for poisoning her husband . Her ghost is said to have been seen at one of the windows and in the hallways many times.
Boo !

It is pretty creepy around there, it is surrounded by low-rent housing projects all around.
They are well maintained and I always walk around back here when I go to Charleston.
My daughter at this point was starting to get the heeby-jeebies being near this foreboding building.
I just kept laughing at her.
I knew I was going to be fast taking these photos, so she wouldn't be scared for long.
( Do not be concerned for her as she is 21 and goes to see horrible scary movies with her friends all the time. )
That's what I thought was so funny.

There are iron bars on all the windows, and the walls are thick concrete. It is fairly dark around the building for some reason .Definite strange feeling right beside it .

Additional Boo ! 

The left side of the building , Hollywood couldn't create a jail that looks this authentic and spooky. By this time my daughter is telling me to HURRY UP, she wants to get away from this building ! more shot.

This was my final shot , halfway crouched down looking up in the gutter , when my daughter's anstsy-ness made me say, " Okay, let's Go !" I did not have time to go to the back of the building where they hung prisoners from the gallows as a group of men were coming our direction,  and I decided to take her back into the light.
I'll go without her next time and take some shots of the back.
I do know they do Ghost Tours in Charleston , and everyone says this is the scariest place at night to come on the tour.

You couldn't pay me at night to be here , that 's for sure !

I hope you and your little scary munchkins have a fun Halloween !
Many blessings,

" The LORD is my light and salvation--whom shall I fear ? The LORD is the stronghold of my life--of whom shall I be afraid ? " Psalm 27:1