Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Subtleties in CHARLESTON, South Carolina ....some Charm

Charleston, South Carolina is such a distinctly historic old city..that I find it quite fun to walk around a discover the smaller, less conspicuous evidences of it's charm. There are of course grand Victorian homes and mansions, the Battery and the slate walk around, the parks and the downtown Market area...but here I will show you some less ' grand ' sights, but these glimpses are what make Charleston so absolutely charming , that you will want to go back time and again...and catch your own glimpses.
Let's get going...
Here is a view of some common side roads in the downtown area, small bricks and large bricks combined.

Everyone's favorite streets, at least for the visitors, is the famous cobblestone streets.

Almost every home and offices in downtown Charleston had these old wood shutters with metal tiebacks, also the glass in the windows is the heavy leaded wavy storm windows allowed over these because of their historic renovation restrictions.

Here is a common view that I was trying to capture of the extremely unlevel roads and sidewalks. I remember this shot because I had a pair of joggers trying to get past me while I was taking this...and I was going back and forth trying to get the angle I needed to show you...and they were going back and forth trying to get past this woman ( me ) in the road...we all looked like we were dancing!

A gorgeous heavy wrought iron balcony , this home had 2 of these.

See the lab laying on the steps ? I got him to stop barking at me a minute to take his picture ,(dog-babytalking him through the fence ). Charleston is full of dog lovers. I always know when I go through my treks in the city, who lives there as they are always the ones walking their dogs. Dogless people in Charleston are visitors...that is my personal deduction.

I love to get close-ups of the fencing...all over the city you can see beautiful wrought ironwork.

Typical Charleston wrought iron bench , these are made in Charleston on King St. by the Geo. O C & Berlant Co.
Same bench with my youngest lovebug and me goofing around. I told my husband I am getting two of these for my garden one day, and he goes , " Why ? They are so uncomfortable ? ".." I just looked at him and told him that had ' NOTHING to do with it...these are authentic Charleston accents ! Comfort is secondary ."
He just rolled his eyes at me.

Ok , here is one of those sights that I could not even have a large enough camera to take in. A large house off of a side back street in downtown Charleston, near the Battery..that shows a hodge-podge of white woodwork and wrought iron accents...all over.
Another common view of a downtown home, looking through a wrought iron gate...but what I want you to know is these historical markers are allover the city...not just on the huge grand homes...but also lots of smaller side street homes. One day I will make myself slow down enough to read them all. I'm usually moving too fast for my own good.

I remember distinctly taking this shot as all around was large heavy wrought iron fencing, ( I took some photos of that ), and then right if front of two mailmen chatting on the sidewalk...I saw this treasure ! A quaint, simple antique wire fencing . I know I audibly gasped, moved everyone out of my I had to get this fencing in here. I think they thought I was one nutty tourist getting a shot of this simple fencing, ( they were laughing at me ).
But see I know that the simple things in life ARE the grand things of life.
So there.
More later,

" He who heeds the word wisely will find good, and whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he. " Proverbs 16:20