Friday, June 4, 2010

How My Hurt Garden FEELINGS Recovered...Happy Ending

Here we go with the continuation of my garden feelings getting hurt saga, I whined about in my last post. 
After the pleasant garden club president lady left , and I do want to state again that she was pleasant.  I am just hyper-sensitive in general, and my little garden is something that I would assume another gardener would like, maybe even a little teeny-bit.
But we all know what assuming presumes right ?

So anyway , she leaves, invites me to the tea they are having on Sunday again , two doors down from me. I told her I would try to come.
On that Saturday evening on my walk, I ran into the lady so-and so who the garden club president thought I had a garden similar to. Now, I know this woman, and from the outside of her home, I KNEW I would love her garden. I even asked her, or actually hinted that I wanted to go back and see her garden once...and she ignored me. That had been a year or so ago. I even told that to the garden club president and she says, " Oh no, she would definitely let you see it. "
Found out all these women tell each other everything, but that is another aspect of all of this.
I like how my chairs glow in this picture, don't you ?

So anyway, that is who I ran into the next evening ...she goes " The mother  ( her name ) of the garden club president is so excited about you coming to the party ! "
I told her I would try to, and mentioned that her friend ( Mrs. Garden Club president ) had said our gardens were similar, and that I had asked to see her  ( the lady I was talking to ) , garden awhile back and she didn't seem to want me to see it.
Now you see, that is the TEXAS woman coming out in me, as a Southern lady would have never mentioned that. But Mrs. NOSY-I-REALLY-Wanted -to-See-Her-Garden had no qualms about asking again outright ( in a round-a-bout way ). That sort of sums up one of my biggest strengths and faults all wrapped together in a nutshell... I go after what I want. And usually never in a round-a-bout way, just full force direct.  Which in turn can reward you or give you just what you deserve.
 Go write that one down somewhere.

 My wire bicycle planter I placed alot of my seashells in...those are fallen Crape Myrtles blossoms on the ground.

Well, she looked at me and says she did not recall I ever asked her...but I could come see it anytime.
Made me feel about two feet tall, so I said bye, and also said I would love that.
Me and my new short stature, and Maxine continued our walk through the neighborhood. It was a hot and humid evening, ran into various other dogs and their owners out on their walks...which Maxine loves as she loves to get rowdy and embarrass me.

By now it was dusk, almost dark...we rounded a corner and ran into the lady whose garden I REALLY want to see again. I smiled hi and waved going past her...and she says to me ,
" Would you like to see my garden right now ?"

So Mrs. Big-Mouth here had gotten her point across, and she was going to be gracious and show me her garden. Cool !
Problem was it was after 8 PM, and I knew I had to get my little boy ready for bed , as my husband is OBLIVIOUS in care-giving for children, he forgets to feed children or put them to bed. He always feeds them whenever he is hungry or puts them down when he is tired instead.
But, he is the best game-player, ball tosser I know.
Kids love him.

I thought for a minute and then decided to go for it !
" Sure, yes, I would love to see your garden. "
We walked to her backyard, I did ask if she had some mosquito spray and she did...and I walked through her wrought iron gates to a pebble path and pinestraw paths...and to a front circular pedestal with a statue.
Her garden was beautiful, lush and green, which I immediately told her . She showed me all the plants she picks up on the side of the road, and pots, and salvage items. She has quite a green thumb. Perfect recycling of nature and found objects.

 Maxine, Ms. Rowdy walker

Big Maxine was in tow with me, but this woman loves dogs, so it was not a problem. She would just pull hard on Maxine's collar to move her when she got too close to trampling something. A Southern garden full of hydrangeas, various flowers, old oak trees, flagstone walk towards the back. Graduated elevations of pots with flowers and vines as she did not have a large yard, so she liked to use height in her garden to give it depth.
By this time it was completely dark, I told her about another lady's cottage garden she would love ( by the way, that did remind me of the garden president who kept telling me about this lady's garden to me ), but I also raved about her garden.

It was very enjoyable, and she told me again how much they were looking forward to me coming to the party on Sunday.
I went home, told my husband and he thought it would be great if I went.
I was still  very hesitant...but decided to go...probably.
That leads me to another continuation of this saga...because that did not work out, but not for the reason you would think.
Will try to get that on
today or tomorrow,
and really,
it is the best story of all,
bless you,

" As we have borne the image of the earthly, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. " I Corinthians 15:47

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  1. Gina ~ I love that picture of your garden and it's glowing chairs. I'm glad you were able to see the other lady's garden too. Looking forward to hearing the next little saga in this tale. Sorry you did not get to go to the party.



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