Thursday, June 10, 2010

My GARDEN Lady Face on My Tree

I had fun a few weeks ago , perusing eBay, I sell antique paintings on there ( or try to ), and I went on a Search in the garden plaques area...and found this little garden lady face plaque.

I really did not know how she would look, I usually do not nail things onto trees ( except my little planet basket in my front yard ), here...
 But I have not had a face of any type on a tree. 

 Plus guess what ? She was only 9.99 plus shipping ( made her almost 20. ) total. She is made of concrete , I had seen some resin plaques, I do not like resin items... and the man who made her says she has outdoor paint on her.
I'll find out that for sure with time.
I liked her flowers around her hair, her vague expression ...and I saw when  she arrived, looks like this top left area had broken or something and he smoothed it and painted over it nicely. That made her damaged but repaired , like God is doing with me , like we all are everyday. 
I prefer character over perfection.
It made me like her more.

I really like her on this River birch tree we have. See the bark gives her a great accent , a nice background. 

See, there she is up on the tree, right in front of my shade garden. I see her walking down my steps to my garden, and from my big window that we sit and eat near.
I love how the colors of her flowers in her hair, match my caladium leaves.

I often look at objects in people's houses or gardens and figure out , or pontificate...about what they represent or symbolize to the owner. I look at this garden lady face , and come up with something sort of deep but also sort of very basic.

I believe , to me, that she represents that this is a woman's garden ( who created it ) , not a man's garden...and also that she represents a way, watching over my garden.
There ya go, Psy. 101 for the day of my brain ( scary territory to explore )...and my endless pontificating,

Bless you all today , 

" God resists the proud , But gives the grace to the humble. " Ephesians 5:21


  1. Gina, I love your Bible quotes, and the photo of the woman with a blue hydrangea in her hair. Is that you? Your garden lady is so subtle that she blends in very nicely. She does seem to be watching your garden.

  2. Gina, i like your concrete lady face! I like how you likened her brokenness and repair to what God does in our lives. And I love your shade garden. Everything seems so fresh and cool.

  3. That's brilliant.

    Interesting that you put your face on a birch. Birch always seems a feminine tree. Contrasted with oak, which always seems a masculine tree.

    A popular idea in natural gardens is to fix the face of a Green Man to a tree. I have one. There is a huge mythology about the Green Man, ranging from ideas about the World Tree, to the Verdant Cross, the mystic Khdir (Green One), and even Robin Hood.

  4. Lovely idea having the face on the tree, gives the area a real magical atmosphere.

  5. She is adorable...ah, character is so important!

  6. Terra- Yes, that is me with the blue hydrangea, I love scripture verses very much , as yu can tell !

    Hi Deb-thanks very much !

    Robur'-I said something brilliant ? Cool. always like your comments.

    Stone Art- Thanks much for stopping by !

    Hi Darla , thanks much !

  7. I love it! Its things like that that make the garden so interesting and ever so personal.

  8. I agree with the is a personal touch, made even more personal by your choice of placement and added meaning of restoration you've attached to her.

    For me, a garden is incomplete without such objects and unique items in it!


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