Monday, June 14, 2010

My I HAVE No IDEA what to DO with THIS Stuff Corner of my YARD

Here is my newly ordered corner of my yard/garden, where I have put together things from my garden or porch...that I have not got a CLUE what I am going to do with..
For years.
I had taken pictures of the mess all of this was ( and yes it was a bigger mess ), before...but Mrs. Delete pictures on her computer deleted them all PLUS her Dad's 70th birthday party pictures in the process.
I was one mad puppy over that.
But, can't do anything about it,
but try not to do it again right ?
So you see, I have laid these lost and found bricks of various colors, sizes, ages, on the base. Sort of a mosaic look to it ..if you squint your eyes.
Go ahead, squint and look again.
I did throw some things to the side of the road, and I saw some gardeners come pick them up that afternoon and take them to their gardens I'm sure,
great recycling that way.
I'll show you a few things I cannot figure out what to do with..
 I have 4 of these wrought iron chairs that go with the table I have on the porch with all my drop-off garden items now ( that table is working out perfect for me ). So I have 1 chair up by the table, for Maxine's leash , so she can grab it before we go for our walks. Two down here and I think the 4th is in my tiny side garage I need to REALLY clean and straighten out. That will be another entry ,as that will be hours of cleaning and going through additional garden and eBay items, more wrought iron items too.
I have these two large wrought iron pieces. The black one you saw before, was leaning in the middle of the yard , against my husband's workshop/palace. It came from Charleston, S.C. where it was an old window guard there. I have two of these, but one is hanging on our back chain length fence , sort of as a entrance gate...but not the look I really want.
My husband is going to build me a wood fence over there and a special gate when he can.
That could be a loooonnnnggg time.
He's a busy man .
The nice large , heavy white wrought iron  piece I got from an antique mall about 5 years ago, thinking I could easily use it somewhere...I think I paid 25. or so for it , as the woman did not have room for it in her booth.
Now, I have tried it as a trellis many times, it is an odd size with no straight side to anchor it properly, so it has been back here for years. It was very difficult to use.
I also have a large black wrought iron 10 foot column -thingee laying by the side of the house that my husband wants to trash .
But, no way I tell him...I may use that one day.
6 years later, have not used it.
I really like these, I have three of these old vintage bases to birdbaths. One we made a small  table out of by gluing a round decorative paver on top of, one we have in the front that we glued a glass globe ball to, and one is right here being useless at present.
Here's my little fairy reading girl, she is cement, I know these are very common...especially in the resin. I like her, wish she was vintage instead...BUT, as it is now going on about 5-6 years of moving her all around the front and back yard, I just need to wait another 20 more years and she WILL be vintage.
Oh ! That large black object to the right is another bird feeder my husband made me, that the thug squirrels in the yard mainly used, and it started to block my view of my garden , so came down.
Begrudgingly by my husband as he thought I did not appreciate his second attempt at making one of these.
I told him I DID appreciate it , but it was not working, so it sits with my other stash until I can make it work somewhere else... to make him happy about it.

Assorted pots and a old vintage lamp base.
The other wrought iron black chair, and assorted pots. I used to have my front porch with more flowers in pots, but not as much anymore. I probably got rid of about 1/3 that was back here.
Progress, slow but steady.

So here all of this sits neatly now, in front of my shade garden, Maxine has worn away the path in front, as well as myself going to get the hose usually. I see this every time I go back inside.
What I want to see is a nice screened porch to sit and relax on instead in this spot...but my husband says we would have to cut down this large river birch to do that. I tell him to build it AROUND my tree , but again , we have other priorities before the dream screen porch I want can ever be built.
So I am left to walk by and think, walk by and consider...
What in the heck and I going to do with this stuff ??!!
Made me consider all the 'stuff ' I also have allowed to build up and be stored in my heart and mind, dreams, etc....that I need to either throw out, move aside, or actually DO something about and use.
Check out my weather widget to the far left sidebar. Going to be another day at 100+ degrees.
Staying mainly in today ,

 Bless you and your stuff today too,

" So now he said, " I will do this; I will pull down my barns and build greater , and there I will store all my crops, and my goods. " Luke 12:18


  1. You have soooo many wonderful items for the garden. I'm extremely jealous looking over your "neatly" arranged stuff. That vintage table lamp base is really calling my name. I'm sure you will come up with some creative ways to weave these wonderful finds into your garden.

  2. thats a tough one. Have you got an old wooden stepladder in that shed of yours? You could paint it up nicely and then on every step place one of those lovely terracota pots you've got filled with some nice alpines or succulents or whatever you can grow that doesn't mind those hot temperatures. But at a 2nd glimpse of those pots maybe they would be even too big for that.

    Even that black chair could have a planter placed on the top of it and placed somewhere in the garden. You could even paint the chair a different colour.

    Your lovely fairy reading a book could get covered in natural yogurt (don't think you spell it like us in the UK) and that would encourage lichen to grow and give it a nice vintage patina and then it could go back into one of those nooks in your garden.

    Not sure about the rest at all

    Hope you get some inspiration.

  3. Wow tons of wonderful & vintage looking containers. I could use more since we have gophers in the mountains, I have to do raised beds with chicken wires and container gardening! I have a very small rustic garden and it's starting to look eclectic with everything I'm trying to cram there :)

  4. I like this stuff. I am thinking, thinking. Why not set the odd shaped white wrought iron piece atop some of the pots of the same height in a likely location smack in your garden. Plant the pot "legs" with an easy vine, like morning glories. As they grow up and out of the pots they'll vine all over the "table top" and it WILL be a trellis, just in a different position than usual. I would also fill the other pots with everything lovely and set those on top of your new "table". Maybe in the center of the "table" you could set an obelisk or some other object that would enable the vines to climb even higher. Hey, I am beginning to like this idea, I just may try it myself! But I don't have a wrought iron gate.
    As for the chairs, you must paint them; but you already knew that.
    I have a lot of things that have been sitting around for years,as well. I just know that someday I will come up with the most clever plan for them.
    Fiona sends her best regards!

  5. The butterfly deserves some special treatment. Maybe an iridescent spray paint or something, to join your face on the tree.

    Those chairs could do with a coat of spray paint, white, red, or some other colour. A chair doesn't have to be sat on. It can just be a focal point.

    Pots are born to hold plants, preferably something that doesn't need watering. Pots can be painted too.

  6. Hi, Gina. First, your header info is WONDERFUL! That old hymn is a favorite of mine that pops in my head once in awhile. I sing it and it brings great joy ("I come to the garden alone, while the dew is still on the roses..")!
    Your "stuff" is great stuff! I'd definitely find someplace for all of it...some nook or cranny. I'm not sure it even needs to be cleaned up. What great character it'll add to your garden spaces!

  7. gee whiz, you guys are all having such great ideas for me. I am concerned when I had alot of this IN my garden, that it looked cluttered and too busy. So I eliminated a little at a time , and it seemed to look better. I think if my garden gets larger and lush like some of yours, then I can hide some of these elements and have them peeking out. I like when garden elements peek out at you.
    So thanks much Susan, Rosie, Priscilla ,Jeri, Robur,and Kimberly.


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