Saturday, June 12, 2010

What Sending a 9 Year old out To WATER your FLOWERS Looks like

I sent my 9 year old son out front to water my front flower beds...and as I was sitting here at my computer looking for a song to add to this today, a perfect song as it is 100 degrees,
a perfect one came to mind. Then I look out  my window and see this...
 When I came out front to scold him for wasting precious water on him and the sidewalk...he hid behind the sprinkler do-dad here. I believe my sidewalk and he got more water than any of my flowers.
I love kids.
Oh , here is the perfect video I found, it is not of my family, appears to be a 1960's beach scene with Sly & the Family Stone's ' Hot Fun In the Summertime ", song.
Perfect song for our heat wave.
Enjoy this, a very cute baby steals the show here.
Stay cool !


  1. Had a chuckle over this post ... it's exactly what I used to do when I was a kid. Living in the tropics it was the best antidote to the heat ... watering the garden was a great excuse to just have fun with water and cool down!!! Gorgeous post! Loved the video too.

  2. Thanks so much, glad it brought a smile to you today, take care , Gina

  3. Don't you just love the "help" that kids can be sometimes? :) That's the same type of help with watering I get. He looks like he's having fun though.
    Very sweet video :)

  4. My daughter used to do the same thing when it came time to wash the car. She would "help" me wash the car, but would end up playing with the hose.

    But dang it, I've never been able to get her to water the plants. Somehow, this must seem like work to her. I think I failed in this area early on - she has no interest in plants at all, except a slight liking of hydrangeas.

  5. Hi Jeff, she'll probably grow to love plants when she is older, I do believe it is hereditary ! Good luck, Gina

  6. Kids and water - the perfect combination!

  7. Love the sunshine through the water spray! It about sums up the efficiency of children 'helping'- not a whole lot of use but very beautiful!!!

  8. Yes sheila and and water helping at whatever are some of my favorite memories, thanks ! Gina

  9. I think your son has the right idea! I'm planning on washing our big dog Lily tomorrow. She needs it, but more importantly it's going to be another scorcher tomorrow, and it's a good excuse for me to get soaked in the hose. (I'm still a child at heart!)

  10. This is what I wanted to do this weekend when I was watering!

  11. Hi Deb, I 'm a fellow child at heart, or big baby half the time !

    Hi Ginny, thanks for stopping by, I can relate about what to do with the hose here also, Gina


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