Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wrought IRON Shadows from CHARLESTON, South Carolina

We went to Charleston , of my very favorite places in the world, if you have followed my blog before. If you are a newer follower, a warm welcome. Or a hot one as it was 95 degrees in Charleston , a city with possibly the highest humidity on the face of the planet. I was in an artsy type of mood , melancholy...contemplating -my- life type of mood for the last few days ( wait, make that a good couple of decades ), but it is more profound of late.
That in turn has caused Mrs. Profound-over-thinker to notice even more than I already notice, which is too much for my own good.

But here , I will show you the shadows of some gorgeous, heavy, chunky antique wrought iron gates and ironwork I noticed reflecting  on the ground in the early morning sunlight of Charleston.
I hope you enjoy these pictures...
 I love the heart in this gate. I saw many hearts in gates here...once I stopped and looked at them more carefully.

 See...lovely shadows.

Artwork outlines courtesy of God and His sunshine.
I will throw in this shadow on a sidewalk that I was walking down, I loved the crape myrtles draping heavy with their blossoms, creating outlines for anyone who could truly notice. That morning I walked was full of birds singing , clip-clopping of horses hooves from the carriages that give tours, and lots of going around construction crews renovating homes.
I did not have my headphones on this time, as I had to bring water it was so hot, and I had my camera and key as well.
A gal only has some many hands right ?
The evening before I got caught in a torrential downpour about a mile from the hotel, with way too much to carry and to get damaged if they got wet.
I went under someone's porch for awhile, but did not want to appear to be a vagrant...a wet I made my way out into the rain again.
I looked like a drowned rat when I walked back to the hotel.
So this time, I edited my carry-on items for my walk.
Not in case of rain...simply to make my walk lighter.
That afforded me the added benefit of Charleston's own daily sounds.
 The sun started to get too high overhead, which meant time was passing and I had to head back to our hotel.

 Here is me and my love-bug  later, getting ready to go out for some dinner at a restaurant that had a live jazz band , and then off to walk around Charleston at dusk at the water park. It was still 95 degrees at 6:30 PM.
Our son's favorite thing at this hotel was racing up the elevator to beat me, who always takes the stairs here, to get to the room first.
I won 90 % of the time . Only because it was only 1 flight of steps up, and he had to wait frantically pushing elevator buttons, the joy children derive from elevator buttons !

I have more entries I will post with many more pictures of wrought iron accents , and some gardens and miscellaneous shots around Charleston.

More later,

 "Be still, and know that I am GOD. " Psalm 46:10


  1. These are great photos of iron fences and gates and of shadows. Do you follow Clytie's blog, Random Hearts? She posts found heart photos there, and if you tell her about your gate heart photo she may also show it on her blog. I also saw your rock heart, did you find that?

  2. Yes I did. I have not shown here these, I will try to remember to do that. thanks much !@ Gina

  3. You've also got an ironwork gate as one of your picture widgets down the left hand side of your blog.

    That one, and a couple you've just posted, bring to my mind the tracery of rose windows in Gothic cathedrals.

    A gate is not only for shutting people out, which I guess is the main purpose of many of the gates you've just shown us. But it's also for letting people in!

    I'm also feeling a bit profound today.

  4. Robur- Yes, gates to me represent entrances , or possibilities of entry into other territory. You're always profound, that's what I like about you , thanks , Gina

  5. Gina, Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the peonies. God has a plan for even the flowers. You will have a good laugh when you see how poorly my cannas do compared to your glorious display. I so wonder what Eden was like. Blessings Meg

  6. Gina,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures. It's a place I've always wanted to visit, but haven't had a chance to yet. The pictures make me want to go even more!

  7. You might like to track down, and hook into, the Shadow Shot Sunday Meme. I think Harriet? Wrought iron gates are luverly. (Don't think much of the empty hanging basket dumped on one gate)

  8. When I see wrought iron gates I feel sorry for the person who has to maintain them - I've memories off having to scrap off the old paint of ours many years ago. All of your photos don't seem to have the slightest bit of rust on them. May be it doesn't stand a chance with all that heat!

  9. Great shots, Gina! So many things that we hurry by and never notice...--Randy

  10. I regret that we didn't have more time in Charleston this spring. It was our first (and only) visit. Your perspective in these photos is amazing. The combination of iron work and shadows produces lace-like images.

    It must have been hot EVERYWHERE. We were in Chicago and it was hot, humid, and then extremely stormy yesterday evening!

  11. Gina: Happened on your blog--beautiful! I am in love with filigree and always have been. The iron gates were lovely. I long to live in the south! My garden is full of iron stuff including a king sized bed frame (complete with canopy) sunken into the ground to make a "room!" I'm sure the neighbors think I'm crazy! Somehow the complexity of twisted wire and iron stuff just appeals to me--I'm a lacemaker, maybe that's why. I recently missed getting free pieces of old iron fence from our township cemetery when it was removed unbeknownst to me and given away. I'm still grieving! Blessings!

  12. The iron gates and fences are beautiful. Thanks for sharing so many photos of them. I've been browsing your blog a bit and love everything I've had time to see. I'll be back!

  13. Meg- Thanks much , I wonder what Eden was like too !

    Randy- Thanks so much for stopping by !

    Rebecca- the humidity is about to make us pass out lately , hot summer for many of us. thanks !

    Hi Lori-So nice to hear from you, a lacemaker, fascinating talent ! Would love to see the bed in your garden sunk in the ground, sounds cool, come back anytime !

    Gardener on Sherlock- Thanks much ! I will be doing the entry with much more ironwork tomorrow , so glad to hear from you !

  14. Hi Gina,
    We love Charleston, too. It is full of great architecture including the wrought iron gates and fences. Your shadow photos are very pretty.

    Thank you for your visit to Hoe and Shovel and your kind comment.

  15. Thanks so much Meems, will get more wrought iron on today, much more ! take care, Gina

  16. I love wrought iron. It reminds me of Saint Petersburg, Russia. Lovely images, Gina!


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