Monday, June 7, 2010

A SOUTHERN Garden Party w/ Bonnets GALORE

I ended up going down the street to my first Garden Club party, I did not wear my black polka dot sundress, but ended up wearing a simple top and cropped it was a party that you were supposed to wear a Summer hat or bonnet, and since I only have baseball caps...I decided to pick a hydrangea out of my yard , and stick it in my hair instead.
It was 95 degrees , humidity about 75 %, and I knew it was gonna be hot.
I looked out my window, and since this was happening only two houses down from were parked up and down in front of our houses , I got myself down to the party. I am going to show you some fun shots of a few of the delightful women and their hats. Some made special hats or bonnets for the hat contest they were having.
Below is the really cute lady who came right behind me down the sidewalk, she had on a dressy nice Sunday go- to -church dress, white gloves, high heels and this hat.
I walked up and asked her if I could get a picture of her hat ? She goes, " Would you like to wear it ? " I laugh and tell her,  " No, I just want to get a picture of it as it is so wonderful. "  I believe she was in her mid 90's , that is what I heard. She did take off these giant cool sunglasses at one time, and she had pretty blue eyes to match her hat.
A nest and bluebird in it hat.

This lady was so cute, she had made her hat from the day lilies in her yard.

I believe it was my favorite hat, this one and the big blue one I showed earlier.

 These were some of the 87 year old founder of the garden club's hydrangeas. Beautiful colors, she was very proud of these.

 Here was another really cute lady with her hat that she said had been used for about 20 + years, been borrowed, been lost...and found again, just in time for this party celebrating 60 years of this garden club. I like how her eyes sparkle.

 When I arrived I meandered around all these women and their hats, I would go up and talk to someone and try to find out more about this garden club and then ask about their gardens. I was kind of ( not really kind of, really definitely ) , like a little kid, going up and asking them about their gardens, what style is it , where do they live ? And then I would wait for a few moments and look at them, waiting for them to ask me about MY garden ( like a little kid wanting to show their treasures ).
It never happened.
I asked about 5-7 women about their gardens, hoping they would ask afterward about mine, expecting it...but nothing.
So, I volunteered the information about my garden each time. I just wanted to know about theirs and share about mine. I thought that is what people talked about at garden clubs.
I think they know all about each others gardens there. They were not used to my question I believe .

" My garden is done in a sort of cottage style way...", I would say. They would smile and be cordial.

 See the lady in the pink hat, to the far left ? That is the 87 year old garden club founder. She was having the best time , a natural hostess.

This was a fishing hat , that a lady said, " I used to be a lean, mean, fishing machine. " She says she doesn't fish anymore as she tied all her lures to make this hat for contests.

This handsome gentleman showed up in his seersucker suit , straw hat and white summer shoes. 

Dapper man.
The Yummies.


Her sanddollar pavers going to her back side yard area.
Vintage little girl garden statuary , looks like it was a fountain at one time.
Her garden gargoyle, vintage one.

 She had little birdhouses hanging from her trees.

 There is the 87 year old garden club founder in the crochet pink hat. She told everyone that she had knitted this hat.
When I left this sweet garden party, I stopped her and thanked her for inviting me. I told her I had a very good time, everything was so nice. Then I told her I loved the pink crochet hat she had made on her head.
She was in a group of other women , happy and relishing the attention her garden and she was receiving...and she looked at me, touched the pink hat and says, 
" I didn't make this hat ", and laughed and laughed . All her friends laughed too. Apparently she is a little trickster and I am the ready victim as I will believe anything someone in their 80's with a sparkle in their eye tells me.
I smiled and walked back home. Hot afternoon for a party, and I got my son to take a picture of my hydrangea in my hair when I got back. Look how wilted it is..

I liked the look of this picture so this morning I picked a fresh hydrangea and put it in my hair, and between my 9 year old photographing his treehouse, Maxine, clouds, bugs, the air...he got me a few cute shots. I am going to use one  for my new profile picture as I like the ' feeling ' it portrays.
Fresh hydrangea.

Bless you , and thanks for all the support in my trepidation of my first garden club party,

"Say to those that are fearful-hearted , Be strong , do not fear ! " Isaiah 34 :4 


  1. wow Gina what a day you had. That corsage in your hair was beautiful and it really suited your hair style. You must have been the youngest there and those hats the ladies wore were amazing. What a great garden club to be involved with!

    I went to our village garden club a few weeks ago for the first time - after 9 years I thought I better show my face....... they were calling me the "young one"..... well the old men did anyway. I too was quite nervous but enjoyed myself asking them the same questions you did only we did not have the fancy sunday best on that your ladies had. What a lovely tradition........ I hope it lasts.

  2. It looks like a great time was had by all. I love the hats, smiles, sparkling eyes, and the dapper gentleman in his seersucker suit. A lovely garden party.


  3. well i am glad you decided to go! you know, my's not about the gardens at all, but the fellowship (just like a book club where no one reads the books). i think you should start your own garden club for the younger crowd...invite friends who truely like to get their hands dirty. perhaps host a seed exchange? after reading your last few posts i am left wondering...are you gardening for the true love of gardening? then, garden for YOURSELF and the happiness it brings YOU. i think your gardens are delightful........ :0)

  4. Rosie- Yes, I was one of the youngest there, but I did not mind that too much. The hats were way too much fun !

    Flowerlady-yes, I loved the gentleman in his suit too.

    Erin- No, these women like to get their hands dirty, and I am sure they have beautiful gardens. I am sorry that I have somehow left you with the impression after my last posts if I really have a love for gardening ? I figured that was self-evident . I have always gardened for myself , this was just some entries about my experience with these nice ladies, thanks !

  5. Gina - beautiful photos!
    I would love your permission to paint the Dapper Man... It hit me right away what a spectacular painting it would make. May I?
    (by the way your garden is BEAUTIFUL!)

  6. Yes, of course you can paint him, he needs to needs to be immortalized somehow. Go for it !!

  7. dearest gina, i came back to comment because i started to worry that i hadn't expressed myself correctly (never been good with words!) and i see that i did indeed goof! oh my... Yes, it IS EVIDENT that you LOVE gardening! i was just trying to encourage you not to worry about what others think....something i have to work on as well! so sorry for not saying it right! i'm a goober! i do indeed think your gardens and blog are delightful and they show the love you give them.

  8. No worries Erin ! You are exactly correct , I really do not care about what most people think about my life , but my garden ...I guess is different. You have reminded me to get stronger about that , so thanks much !

  9. That man was all done up - I note the suspenders and bow tie too. Beautiful hydrangeas.

  10. Yes he was , he may have been my very favorite element at that party ! Thanks , Gina

  11. Oh how much fun....I have thought about starting a garden club. There would have to be talk of gardens and a plant/seed exchange though lol.

  12. The party looked so cool and the flowers were stunning!

  13. It was a very sweet time with nice, happy ladies !

  14. I've been fun to come back and catch up! Wish I could have been at your side at this party. The hydrangeas were/are beautiful! Don't know when I've seen so many colors side by side like that. No wonder she was proud. I would have been a tad intimidated - these obviously are women with years of history, friendship, and entertaining. Thanks for the peek behind these walls!


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