Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I spotted these handmade , carved wooden gates during a early morning walk in Charleston , South Carolina last week. I recalled walking past them...stopping suddenly, backing -up...and wondering if I have seen these before as I walk through the historic neighborhood for many years when I visit ...and do not recall them.
I  mean look at this ! How could I have ever missed it before ?! Of course , delving into midlife has without a doubt softening my memory span...so have I seen these before and forgot ? 
Possible, not probable...but definitely possible..especially of late.
So much in life to remember.
Precious. Thick wood gates, with white picket fencing , obvious care went into the carving which is an original design.
Can't you just see the craftsman or carpenter, laboring over this design in his shop ?

 Old doorbell and historic marker as well.

 Solid, but peekable still.
Then guess what....as I am taking pictures, half out in the street of this gate, I look over about 10 feet to the left of the gate and see
Another carved gate with different accents carved out !

I couldn't decide which one I liked better.
Which meant they were both special.
I liked the cracks in the wood too.

You can't read this , so I will tell you what it says.
It says, " Please close gate. "
Don't you want these somewhere around your garden ?
Tried to get these side by side, this is the best I could do.
You can see if you have a favorite.
I hope you liked these. Not fancy , not elegant , not formal...simply gingerbready-charming. My new made up word  to describe these.
Charm always surpasses elegance in a garden, to me.
Blessings in small ways for you today,

Where The Gates Swing Outward Never Hymn

Just a few more days to be filled with praise,
And to tell the old, old story;
Then, when twilight falls, and my Savior calls,
I shall go to Him in glory.

I’ll exchange my cross for a starry crown,
Where the gates swing outward never;
At His feet I’ll lay every burden down,
And with Jesus reign forever.

Just a few more years with their toil and tears,
And the journey will be ended;
Then I’ll be with Him, where the tide of time
With eternity is blended.


  1. They DO look newly painted...did you think so up close?

    I like the old song. Heard it's tun in my mind. Keep the Charleston pictures coming. I really like them.

  2. I don't think they were just newly painted, but possibly in the last few years. I just loved them ! thanks Rebecca.

  3. I vote for gate number 46. The design is most pleasing.
    WOW, I just toured the Charleston gardens in your post below! What wonderful brickwork, everywhere, I simply would love to have a zillion old bricks to lay a courtyard such as the one in photo. How inspiring to see all these wonderful garden vignettes. Next time I am in Charleston, I am taking a long walk! In the meantime, I am so glad you are such a garden walker, with camera in hand.

  4. I want all those old bricks too. But you know that in the charm category , your garden is at the very top.

  5. Beautiful hymn! I like both the gates; My vote goes to #46, but I would be happy with either! I love the charm and workmanship in these gates. I would like to see the gardens behind them!

  6. Gina,
    You remind me of myself. You see beauty is so many things that most people would just walk past without giving a second (or a first) look. I can remember my husband and I hiking a while back. I saw these tiny little flowers alongside the trail. I had to get down on my hands and knees and look so closely to see them. Their intricate design, color, and beauty was so amazing. I thought, "God, you are so incredible, down to the most minute of details!" And most people would just walk right by without stopping to appreciate them. I just want to get there attention, "Hey! This is really special, don't miss it!"

  7. Me too Deb, but I was so enthralled by the closed gates, and could not see much of their small front garden anyway.

    Yes Terri, I am very observant , which is a big blessing and sometimes a curse ! I love the tiny flowers you saw story , thanks, Gina

  8. I don't think I've ever seen gates like those, they are so charming. I've lived in the same neighbhorhood 11 years and still have times that I wonder if something is new or I just never noticed it before.

  9. I love Charleston! It's such a fun place. Your right those gates are charming. They would have caught my eye as well!

  10. Hi Gina,

    What a lovely surprise! I love it when I come upon the unexpected. The craftsmanship is just so impressive. I can see why they have two instead of just one.

  11. We've been having a heatwave - peaking at 73 degrees. Far too hot to go visiting. I can hardly believe you're walking round taking photos in the temperatures you've got. You ought to be sitting in the doggie pond with Maxine eating ice creams.

  12. Melissa Jo- I figured you may have been as you are also in the South Miss Fellow Charleston-lover.

    Noelle- Yes , I really loved them.

    Robur- 73 degrees ? That would be a cold front right now. I can take the heat, but not like I used to be able...and yes, I have been known to join Maxine in her pool , briefly, when my son begs me to come in.

  13. Those are very pretty! I bet the house was beautiful, too. I would pick #46...they are all pretty!

  14. It would be hard to choose a favorite here.

  15. I would love to have these gates in my garden...either one. They are both gorgeous! I know what you mean about mid-life memory but it's hard to believe you would have missed these unless you were deep in thought.

  16. I love both gates but the first one is my favorite. How wonderful to be able to tour an old historic town like you are able to do.

    Enjoy and have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady


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