Monday, June 21, 2010

VISIONS that I SAW Walking around CHARLESTON , SC

Here is more of my pictures from a hot June visit to Charleston, SC. These will be some of those odd and end pictures , I always love to show Charleston accents and the flavor of the city as I believe it helps us with our garden ideas and inspirations.
 I love reflections in old wavy glass windows, and this store has fresh flower arrangements every time I pass it.
I love these fruit basket statues. I see these at many homes here.
Putting small statuary on top of your brick columns at your house always adds something to your visual palette , as you look at your home.
 Old brass doorbell.

Dripping , cascading fountain off The Battery. I felt like this picture can almost make you hear the water .
Humor me and pretend it does.
A lovely winding brick walk, leading into a home. It is rare to see a gate open here.
How overflowing and lush can a person make a window box ? This person would win a prize if it was a contest. Crammed full of begonias, coleuses, grasses, and some hibiscuses.

See the newspaper on the walk ? I imagined what it would be like for that to be MY newspaper and I lived here.
Imagination central resides in my head.
Most statuary is painted black here , or left bare.

More baskets on the iron fencing. I love this idea.
I bet you think you know what I took a picture of here ? You're wrong.
I wanted to get a shot of the cute , vintage the left of the iron centerpiece. I enjoy seeing the very simple elements in gardens, I wish it had been on as I love the sight of old sprinklers and their slower watering method.
It calms something in me.

 I have shown this in some of my older posts on Charleston ( many from last Summer ), but will show again is the landscaping technique often used here with their brick borders. Most of the bricks are inserted downwards in to the ground. Not the simple side by side usual way we all do bricks. I believe this is to help with no encroachment from the yard into wherever the border is. This method involves more bricks and more labor.
But in the long run will last longer.

 Here is a wider shot, so love the brick accent area here. I love the quality of old bricks, imperfections in layout, made me smile just to see it.

 Another antique doorbell outside of a home.
Pretty typical about how treacherous it can be to walk around here. Always try to wear tennis shoes, not the large trees have uprooted most of  the sidewalks around town.

Want this ? I will warn you, that Charleston can cause the greedy-garden-me-wants-it to erupt in your heart.

Copper downspouts.
Would you LOOK at this crape myrtle ?!! What on earth is the owner feeding this to make it so unbelievably profuse for us ?

Ok, again...I am going to stop here, but I have about 50 more pictures that I will divide up sort of like this:
A awesome white wooden garden gate entry ( you will love this )

Heavy fabulous wood door and iron entry
Short trip to Edisto Island  w/ big plastic cow entry

Stay tuned, have a good day wherever you are,

" I will never leave thee..." Hebrews 13:5


  1. Gina, thanks for your visit to my humble blog and especially for the gracious comment you left. You are too has to be the light and love of our Lord Jesus Christ shinning in and through you.

  2. When we were there early in the spring, the crepe myrtle were totally bare! I sure enjoyed seeing this beautiful flowering one here! I enjoyed this whole post - intrigued especially this time by the brick walks & borders, etc.

  3. Even more beautiful photos. Love all the brick walkways.

  4. Gina what a wonderful tour. I would love to visit Charleston someday. I love all of the old charm it has. The brick walks and iron fences. Sorry to say that the copper downspouts would not be safe up here they would get stolen.Urg! The fountains and statuary is so lovely. Thanks for the tour.

  5. It really is a wonderful place Gina. I think I've fallen in love with it especially with this last set of photos as I've followed all your entries so far on your trip. Your photos have really captured the beauty of the place - it looks like every corner you turn there is something very interesting to see. I love the way you see beauty in things that others would overlook. Thankyou so much for sharing all of this.

  6. Glorious visions, Gina! LOVE the doorbells!! Yes, the pavers require sturdy shoes, don't they? I tried to walk on cobblestones with heels before...not a good idea. Lovely post!

  7. Thanks for sharing Charleston with us. It is such a beautiful city. I love all things "southern!" Lots of great ideas to steal from these photos.

  8. What a lovely refreshing few moments I just had viewing the gardens!


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