Sunday, June 20, 2010

Let Me Show YOU more ANTIQUE Wrought IRONWORK from Charleston, SC

Here we go with more shots I took of antique wrought iron work from downtown historic Charleston, South Carolina. I took a little more close up pictures of some of this, and some full shots of gates and railings. The ironwork is such a staple here in Charleston, it is a element that men and women both like in their gardens and encircling their homes.
I believe there are feminine and masculine garden elements, plants, and even styles. Ironwork is one of those masculine elements , representing strength , fortitude and uppermost security.
It looks it's best with draping vines or greenery peeking through it...softening it some.
Psy. 101 lesson on masculine and feminine elements in your garden by a surely shady own ever deducing brain.
Take it or leave it for what it's worth.
Ok, let me show you around hot and humid Charleston...

Upper balcony railing balustrade or balcony.

Always peeking in, that's me.

I loved this old timey bicycle behind this front entarnce gate.

I believe I showed this in my last post with the shadows, but I love it so much I'm making you look again.
I worked a bit for this shot. See the gorgeous. draping Spanish moss on the trees ? It was a hot, but beautiful morning when I was walking around that day. 90 degrees.
190 % humidity.

These were some pictures of some large gates to a bed and breakfast that I like to sneak back and look at the garden. I remember these shots, because I stopped to take a gulp of water from my plastic water bottle...and it made that silly crunchy noise that I believe cheaper water bottles make, very loud...and a man sitting under a  patio jumped reading his paper beside me.
Tough tiddlywinks for him, as I had to go back and see this garden again...and I was thirsty.
We all need someone to wake us up now and then.
 Problem was for Mrs. Tough-T...many people were back there enjoying their breakfast I retreated and left them to listen to the birds and drink their coffee.

Out past the man I scared earlier and back to hunt down more ironwork.

 These photos were all taken off the Battery by the way. The really, REALLY expensive area of town.
Anywhere is pretty pricey in downtown Charleston though.
My beloved blue plumbago peeking through some iron. Feminine, masculine elements in perfect harmony.
A porch railing.

Very Victorian don't you think ?

Outside of a church.

More hearts.

What a stunningly artistic shot ! I really like this one.

Hey...see the heart at the very top ?

All of this old ironwork makes these gardens complete...I also like vintage woodwork around gardens. Picket fences are terribly charming.

I just realized this is too long of a post, so I will do another one tomorrow with the last of the ironwork , some statuary and some more of Charleston, SC.
At present, I need to go finish cleaning up around here and preparing a Father's Day dinner for my dad and my husband. For all you cooks and chefs out there that include recipes in their blogs....I am not going to include a recipe, as I know you all know how to make this meal.
But I will tell you my simple menu for the dinner:

Father's Day Dinner

Grilled marinated Italian
chicken ( I'm always the griller-barbecuer lady here )

Strawberry-spinach and pecan salad

Homemade potato salad made last nite and chillin'

Chocolate cake for dessert
( courtesy of my oldest beloved daughter )

Sounds good right ?

Happy Father's day to you men , bless you and your families,

" Therefore if any man be in Christ , he is a new creature ; old things are passed away ; behold, all things are new. " 2 Corinthians 5:17


  1. Wow! People don't build like that anymore and put in the detail like these wrought iron gates and railings show. I'm so glad they were made to last so we can still see them today. You got some great photos!!! Thank you for the awesome tour.

  2. The menu sounds perfect! (We'd been with our children in Chicago Friday/Saturday, so today was just us. We went to Pizza Hut.)

    The iron work brings back memories. I'm pretty sure I recognized a few of these - even though we were only there once. I can't wait to see more. We got KIND of bold at a few of the places -- wanting SO much to see inside the gates! If they were even halfway open, we thought that was an INVITATION!

  3. Gina: Thank you so much for sharing your photos of all the wonderful wrought iron work. One of these days, I will get to Charleston to see some of it in person, in the meantime, I've enjoyed your photos.

  4. The very first piece is silver, but all the rest are black.

    White would be a good colour for new iron work, and would work well in those photos which have white buildings beind them. One photo has a white (wooden) archway behind it.

    I suppose that if the ironword is genuinely antique, and the surface is rough and pitted, then it has to be painted black, to cover up the imperfections.

  5. Gardener on Sherlock- thanks for looking at this post, I love the ironwork.

    Rebecca-I feel the same way when I see a gate open, rare there though.

    Linda- You would love it there, thanks for coming by.

    Robur- The first piece is black, my flash made it appear brighter , should have said that in the entry. There is a bit of white woodwork by these ironwork, it does look good, I agree.


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