Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What IMPRESSES You tells God Alot about YOU...and You About Yourself

I had an interesting experience, almost sad , as when I heard these words come out of a young teenager's mouth one made me realize what we are impressed by , reflects who we are, and where we are heading.
We were having a nice dinner out last week , and there were about 10 people there, and across from  me was a fun young teenager. His dad was two people down from me, and my husband was near him. The young teen was explaining, sort of out of the blue...but obviously it was top-of-the-mind-awareness...of how rich all his friends were. Stinking rich. Millions of dollars rich. He then went into great detail, what they had, how much money their dads made...on and on and ON.
I sat and mildly smiled at him, then looked up into my husband's eyes...and we spoke to each other , without words...about how far-off this young teen's values are. While the young teen was talking, his father was smiling and nodding in money is apparently a big subject to them both, the whole family discusses it alot, and always has. They are very well -off , and money IMPRESSES them. Greatly.
I then interrupt the litany of riches he is going on and on about, and say,
" You mean rich in MATERIAL things, right ?" He looks at me like he has zero idea what I was saying.
Then I say, " Riches are not always material things, the richest...", and then I was interrupted by the young teen by him saying, " Oh, but they are so rich. "
My concept was foreign to him, he did not have a clue, not a clue what I was insinuating. 
My husband smiled at me with his eyes, and I looked over an the young teen's father, to see if he ' GOT' what I was saying. It actually looked like he vaguely understood...but what impressed him...impressed his son
So he gave me a slight annoyed look, and kept smiling at his son. 
Money is not the problem here, the LOVE of money is. 

 " For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." I Timothy 6 :10

I recalled that conversation while I was out walking early this morning . Walking for miles ,breathing deeply, watching the new sunlight dapple on the trees , hearing the birds sing to me.
I considered what impresses me. Kindness would surpass all, then someone who is that is a quality that has eluded me most of my life. Then in no apparent order, someone who is very good at what they it a waitress or a managing director of a large company. Seeing someone who is physically fit, not buff to the max...not perfection in physique...that's a bit boring, to me. But someone who takes care of the ONLY body God will ever give you on the earth. And the older I get, that is even more important. Younger people always take their bodies for granted, I know I did....I used to push myself way too hard physically. Trying to be more gentle with myself these days.
 I also like to see a person dressed nicely. Not Sex and The City 2 ( GARBAGE values ) nicely, but just nice know when they are at church or going out to dinner. Not all the time .
Someone who is an excellent artist impresses me , as I value art very much.
Intelligence has always impressed me, but not as much as it used I have run into too many amazingly smart people who are condescending and arrogant, and who dismiss God as they have no evidence ( they think ),  to believe in Him.
I could go on and on, someone who is a great cook, someone who is very neat and tidy...that impresses me as I am behind in those areas.

I am challenging you to stop and think...what REALLY impresses you ? A job title ? Money ? a beautiful woman or handsome man ? A luxury automobile ? Expensive jewelry ? A big expensive home ?
What do you talk about at home, with the kids around even...what do you tell your spouse, what news seems to get you the most animated ? See if it revolves around money , the media , material possessions, romance, gossip ...whatever.
Listen to yourself.
God wants us to be impressed by the eternal things He has given us. Love, hope, peace, the beauty of nature and especially Himself and his Son , Jesus . More things too , but I know you get my direction.
If you stop and examine yourself, as God tells us to do...DAILY, we can see where we are heading...what direction, and I am not talking about Heaven or Hell...though that may be an eventual destination.  I am referring to what you teach those around you, and what impresses you...does it bring you closer to God ? Or does it push you further away ?
Final question is ask yourself:
"Would____ ( fill in the blank ) impress God ?"

That is something I will do more myself.

Bless you and yours today,

 " Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves. Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you—unless, of course, you fail the test ? " (2 Corinthians 13:5-6)


  1. I have to agree that sadly what impresses a lot of younger people now is material things, designer names and often living waaaay beyond their means.
    I've always said it doesn't take much to impress me. Because my husband's job is in an industry that is never very stable, we have always made the most of what we have and we try to teach our daughters to value the little things in life, like how we treat others.
    Kindness would definitely be right at the top of the list of what impresses. When most people see others treated kindly it seems to inspire them to want to do the same. This was a very good, thought provoking post.

  2. I can answer that very easily.

    A couple of hours ago I was in my 'flower meadow'. I was taking some butterfly snaps for my June garden photos. Then right before me appeared a deer. It's unsual to see them in daylight. He was just a few feet away. That really impressed me. I was thrilled to bits. I had my camera, so I got a snap:

    I came inside to download my photos, and thought I'd look at Blogger. Right near the top of the reading list, posted 1 hour ago, was a post from 'Medieval Muse' (you're a follower of that site too) - a post about a Lady and her Fawn.

    That 'coincidence' impressed me too. I needed a cup of tea.

    The jews believe that 'coincidence' is the hand of God at work.

    That impressed me!

  3. Yes Catherine, too much focus on material wealth is eroding our young generations. You an your husband sound like you are teaching them well. thanks !

    Hi Robur,
    Yes , coincidences or happenstances can impress or be ignored by people. sounds like you had a fun one today. I follow Medieval because I like the picture of the women , their long hair and the dresses,the artwork, etc. Thanks for the comment ! Gina

  4. Oh so unbelievably true. And what a pity many don't see this. Teaching, and more so "showing" is everything. Nice post.

  5. Thanks Lisa , I appreciate the comment, take care, Gina

  6. Oh Gina,

    What a great post. It really does give one pause to think about what is really important to them. I do feel sorry for the teen...he will never be satisfied with material things...he will just want more as they do not satisfy.

    PS. Thank you for the correct spelling of 'voila'...I took Spanish in school, not French ;-)

  7. This is a post on an important topic. Don't you wish the teenager had said to you "wow, you are right!"? I am impressed by the same things you mention, with kindness and loving Jesus at the top of my list. People who laugh readily and share silliness are on my list too, and all who grow pretty plants, and gifted writers who lift the reader's spirits.

  8. Money can never buy you happiness. I have found that the more money folk have the more they want and they don't appreciate the simplier things in life. I get far more joy in being in my garden watching the wildlife than going into town on a shopping spree but I have to say that it took me quite awhile to learn that. I'm so glad I've never encouraged my children in designer labels - there's no playstation, xbox or iphone in this house. My eldest has just graduated from law school with a first class honours degree. I'm so pleased that he's going to use his brains not to make money in law but heading to bible college to become a pastor.

  9. Personal Integrity - that impresses me. People who use their time and gifts in ways that make them complete, whole, peaceful people. People who stand up to injustice. People who know themselves well enough to link to others in meaningful, positive ways.
    In this mad world it is difficult sometimes to achieve personal integrity, however the effort to achieve it is just as impressive to me.

  10. Yes Sherri, so true...maintaining integrity , striving to achieve it , not giving up on doing the right thing in life. I appreciate anyone who stands up to injustice instead of being apathetic. Thanks ! Gina

  11. What a wonderful inspiring post. You have a gift for writing your thoughts.

    God's gifts impress me. A sunrise, or sunset, flowers in all of their glory, their lovely scents, the taste of a fresh picked strawberry, bird song, the coolness of shade in the summer, the warmth of the sun in the winter. The scents of freshly mown grass, a wood burning fire in winter, the different scents of herbs, the ancient earthy scent of a forest, and much more. Kindness, gentleness, honesty, forgiveness, love. These are all riches beyond compare. Material wealth does not buy contentment or happiness.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady


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