Monday, May 3, 2010

For Anyone Whose Mother is Still On This EARTH...REMEMBER , Sunday is Mother's Day

I wanted to take a moment , to remind anyone who is fortunate enough to have their mother still alive on this earth...that this Sunday the 9th , is Mother's Day.
I am not so fortunate, as my mother died unexpectedly, tragically...a little over 2 years ago, from a heart attack.
She had turned 65 a month and a half before she died.
She died 3 weeks before her first grandchild's... my oldest daughter's , wedding. She had been working on a large flower bed that afternoon, back and forth, out to buy more flowers. She had been very productive that day. It was a happy, but hot and humid day. She was busy preparing for a large bridesmaid's luncheon she was hosting in two weeks time , at her house.  She did finish the large garden bed , and filling many planters around her home, but she did not live past 5 o'clock that afternoon.
She died 9 months before she would have celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary ,
she had married at  the young age of15 to her high school sweetheart, my dad.
She had just retired a year ago to be able to do more volunteer work, and spend more time with my dad, as they had both held down jobs their entire marriage.

So you see, when ever I walk around stores, at nurseries with flowers and plants everywhere, holiday times at malls...
I see many women my age, and younger and older...walking around chatting and having a good time with their moms.
A meal out, a simple time together.
It makes me sad and envious , and I wonder if the daughter realizes how very lucky and blessed she is to have her mother beside her. 
I often just stare at them both for awhile...remembering. 
Wishing that was me and my mom.

Cherish your mom , stop and please remember her on a card, send flowers...and most definitely call her.
I will never have that opportunity again, to even see my mom smile or hear her laugh.
Please take the time.

 My mom and me in NYC , March 2008

I wrote this, even though it is very personal...with the hope if it helps even one person remember to contact their mother on Sunday...just would be worth it.

Many blessings and especially to your mothers,

" Love is patient and kind..." I Corinthians 13:4


  1. This is a touching and timely post, a good reminder. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I too have lost my mom at a time I didn't expect it. It is important that we do not proscrastinate but say what 'I love you' or 'I'm sorry' and 'Thank you'; all very simple words but means a lot.

  2. Yes, never waste time with those you love. Simple words, simple acknowledgment. Thanks much, Gina


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