Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 6 QUICK Tips for Maintaining a HEALTHY WEIGHT

I was at the grocery store, and saw all the magazine covers touting weight-loss, get in bikini-shape, lose 20 lbs. overnight, blah-blah. Then I thought... I will write a entry on my blog about what I know about weight loss, and maintaining a healthy weight. I am not an expert, just an average woman who has lived long enough to see what has worked and what has not. I am lucky that I am one of those people that loves to exercise. Good for the mind, spirit , and body.  If you have any health issues, please consult your doctor first ( my disclaimer in small print).
Here are 6 top tips that have worked for me in maintaining a healthy weight , and I thought it might be a good entry for any future beach-goers and more importantly for anyone trying to watch their girlish or boyish figures out there.
Here we go, 
Not saying these are easy, 
but do believe they are simple enough to remember and 
won't kill you
with frustration.
You may feel you are dying with frustration, but suck it up and keep your chin and determination stable.
Ready , here goes :

1. EXERCISE , at least 30 mins. a day, brisk walk, 60 minutes or longer is ideal. After meals or right before meals is optimum. Gardening maintenance is counted if it is more than walking around your garden dead-heading flowers.Of course biking, running, yoga, etc., all of these count. Daily is ideal. I enjoy walking and praying, looking at others gardens on my walks , drag a friend along for company if you walk better with someone.

2. Eat EVERY MEAL on a SMALL plate. Sandwich size or salad plate is better than the large dinner plates we have. This fools your eye into believing you are eating a full plate of food. Eventually, you will learn to eat less, as your stomach adjusts to less food as normal. Realizing a proper portion size, I believe it is the palm of your hand for most of your meats and breads.  Vegetables and fruits are double or triple that. This may be the top tip you will ever get.

3. Drink more WATER. Everyone hears this, alot of peole do this, your goal should be 8 glasses a day. Before a meal is also good. Beware of empty slippery calories in sodas, beer, wine, fruit juices. Those empty calories can add 200-500+ calories a day to your body.

4. Make very small changes with the amount of butter, sugar and salt that you use on EVERYTHING. You can save 100-300 calories a day simply by cutting your regular amounts to half or  more.

5. Do not eat after 8 PM at night. ANYTHING. This alone will save you 100's of calories , as that late night bowl of ice-cream, peanuts, candy, cookies, 3 beers, whatever...they add up when you feel you are rewarding yourself at the end of a day. Drink water, possibly one glass of wine, a big bowl of fruit . The goal is to stop the HABIT of late night mindless munching of high calorie foods or drinks in typically large portions.

6. Here is a great one. Do not have in your home, ANY food that makes you go crazy with desire for it. If you are a chocolate nut, do not go buy pounder bags of M & M's or Dove's chocolates. Find substitutes for your particular craving , meander through a grocery store aisle, and check calorie counts. If chips or soda or cookies are your downfall, whatever, do not buy it, and you will not eat it. Now I am not saying to never eat it or buy it, but if you KNOW you overindulge with a particular food or drink...steer clear and leave it at the grocery store.
I know this is hard , nothing in life worth having is easy.
If you want to be healthier, trimmer, you can do this one day at a time.

 I would say every ten days or week, have a special treat or sweet...normal size or small size, not a gargantuan bowl of ice-cream to make up for the week. That way you won't feel too deprived. 
Good luck, and please leave a comment about some top tips you have learned,

Bless you !

" I will never leave thee. " Hebrews 13:5


  1. Great tips! All are important. The only suggestion i would add is to eat colorful meals. My mom always said, if it is colorful, it is well balanced and nutritious. True! (unless you eat a plate of M&Ms!)

  2. Excellent advice. I'd add drinking water during meals too. I've noticed a lot of people don't drink much during meals.

  3. Its so hard to change bad habits isn't it. There's a few things I need to change in my diet - I've a year before I'm mother of the groom so want to look my best for that. I never even realised I was eating a chocolate cookie today. I think I was on auto pilot when I opened that cupboard door. Great advice Gina - now to get that advice from my head into my daily eating habits.

  4. These are wonderful tips and I do follow a few of them. Thank you for the reminder of how to take care weight.

  5. Yes, water with meals is great, and Rosie you have a whole year to work on your lovely self, and thanks Noelle for dropping by, Gina

  6. Hi Gena~~ When I was younger I loved to exercise too. Good tips and gorgeous photo. Please pass the celery.

  7. A great list, Gina. My biggest downfall is not exercising. I am going to step on my X-trainer today and make a start. Thank you for the inspiration which I really do need at this time in my life :)


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