Monday, May 24, 2010

Redo of REDO of Garden Pathway : Part 2

Okay, here we are again at my first redo of my garden path. I did an entry yesterday about the whole scenario.

Quick summary:
How I want my back path, with mulch...The Good
  This is what happens everytime we have a heavy rain, washes down the driveway to the left, and whoosh...all my mulch goes to live in the back of the yard : The Bad

Here was my solution after weeks of debating what I should do. I know what I wanted to do, but could not keep either mulch or pebbles there. Fact of life, " How's that that workin' for ya ?" Wait, that's a question...but usually a fact of life comes out of the answer to that question.
So Mrs. Bright Idea, moved these bushes here, with monkey grass ( lirope ), stood back ...and was whammed in the head by my own stupidity.

Here was my problem. How in the HECK was anyone supposed to walk back there, step over the bushes ? Or how was I supposed to mow my green weeds that look like grass back there...I couldn't get the lawnmower through there ! I could go around the entire garden, but then I would have to go across another barricade of railroad ties and bushes from the bigger pathway.
Dumb bunny here...but, I sat and pondered a bit with Maxine, and came up with an idea.
This is where I sit the most to look at my garden. Maxine always tries to lick me to death up here. I love her, but I don't like to be loved to death with dog drool.
That does not stop her ever.
Back to my solution. 
Redo of the redo.
I removed the middle bush and monkey grass, and moved the middle bush to the front of my seashell pavers. Then I took my planter from my husband's workshop that he does not notice and does not appreciate, and placed it to the left side. I also got some beige cement wavy edgers and laid them flat to finish it a bit.

Little bush in corner here with monkey grass.

Maxine got through the center just fine. See the black metal ironwork to the left ? That is from  a Charleston home, it was a window guard that I need to do something with. It just leans over there, calling to me to do something with it most days.


My view to the back from my kitchen window.
Mulch is still what I want back there, and on the larger adjoining pathway, but it was an effort in futility.
Whatever becomes a perpetual effort in futility in our lives needs to be removed , to make ways for new creativity to emerge.
So kick something to the curb today that you have been trying , and trying to make work...that cannot work....maybe for years, maybe decades !
Make room in  your life.
My best, more later,


" Therefore be imitators of God , as dear children. And walk in love..." Ephesians 5:1-2


  1. I was going to suggest a bridge! Looks awesome. I like the pavers and brick better than the mulch. If you were worried they'd look too hard - they don't.

  2. Hi Jeff, the pavers and brick have been there for years ( I laid them about 6 years ago ), the back path has been a mess for years ( I guess I should have said the back of the back path).I have two paths from the pavers, the back one and one to the right that is larger. I would love a bridge, but alas my yard is too small. take care ! Gina

  3. now i see it, sorry! i was joking about the bridge....maybe a boat?

  4. Gina I commend you for tackling this job especially in this weather but I know from experience that if something is frustrating you in the garden its best to tackle it rather than leave it till a later date. I've had bark wash away in the past too but I was surprised that the pebbles had aswell - could you put larger diameter pebbles like river pebbles there rather than shingle?

    Now I know what monkey grass is - it doesnt do too well in my garden but it seems to thrive in yours.

    You'll be busy watering those newly transplanted shrubs.

  5. Hi Rosie, Yes, I have tried larger pebbles, it is a deluge of water down the adjoining driveway that does it to everything. I have been searching out pebble pavers ( to match the ones in the front ), but they have not sold then for years where I am. This will do, less expensive, and it will be green soon enough. Thanks !

  6. Oh goodness...

    Gardening is an adventure at times, isn't it? I love that you have a faithful companion in Maxine. Missy is my faithful companion although I do not like her drooling on me ;-)

  7. This is a well done job. I like it! We had quite a "problem path" too. The grass wouldn't grow there, the bark just washed away, the moss turned brown and died... then I hauled wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow of broken slate from the run off of our pond (FREE stuff!) And layered it at about 5 inches deep. Now it looks great and stays put. I wish everyone could have some free slate!
    I will be interested to see what you do with the Charleston window guard, I love it.

  8. I also have had bark mulch wash after a rain! I have seen red packed chert (crushed stone) used, which is something I want to try. It is beautiful and easy to walk on. Your path is really lovely with all the plantings around it.

  9. It looks great! I had to laugh as I have so many re-dos of re-dos. Guess that's why the 'trial and ERROR' I own up to. Funny you had the words to In The Garden, I was just playing that on my piano the other day. One of my Mother's favorites!


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