Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whose EYES Go SOFT For You ?

We were driving back from church last Sunday morning, and I always take my son's little papers they give him after his Sunday School class...and I read them out in the car on the way home.
Sort of quiz him on what he learned. He usually doesn't remember anything, or acts like he doesn't I like to ' feed ' him his answers off the papers.
The lesson that Sunday was about loving your friends like yourself. What love means, how to show it. 
I was reading off the papers, and I then decided to put them down and try to quiz him on the basic visible concept of love from one person to another.
Something that I always notice , and appreciate.
This was my question, by the way...I am in the passenger seat, my husband is driving...and our son is directly behind me. So all answers I received were like a little echo in a valley, back up to me from the back seat.
They were quiet, sure answers.

I first told him how nice it is to be loved, how good it feels.
He agreed.
I then explain to him, that when someone loves you, really loves you...their eyes get soft, they actually get soft-looking. Did he understand  ?
He says Yes.
My love-bug and his Mother's Day roses for me

I then ask him, " Do Mom's eyes go soft when I look at you ?'
Little voice goes, " Yes. "
Does Mavis' ( his bestest friend ) eyes go soft when they look at you ?"
Then I go through his sister's names , each one I ask if they go soft looking at him.
More little Yeses come up from the back seat.
I then ask if his dad's eyes go soft when he looks at him ?
" Yes, " he says.

I look over at my husband and smile, and ask our son one last person, or rather family member about do their eyes go soft , " Do Maxine's eyes go soft over you ?'
A definite ' Yes ! "
I then told him how lucky, how blessed he was to have people's eyes go soft and show their love to him.
I felt like it was one of the few serious lessons of life, about love, that my son got at an early age.
I believe if we all have at least one persons' eyes go soft...some people may have more, but I hope you can appreciate the one or it truly is a precious, priceless gift from one to the other.
Diamonds, rubies, gold and silver cannot match the glow in a loved one's eyes.
Don't let it pass you by, appreciate the softness, every time.
I hope your evening is good , or your morning !
Bless you,
" For thus says the LORD of hosts :' He sent Me after glory , to the nations which plunder you ; for he who touches you touches the apple of His eye. " Zechariah 2:8


  1. Beautifully said! Your posts are always so uplifting.--Randy

  2. very kind, I enjoy your blog very much ! Thanks, Gina

  3. Hi there. What a nice post. And how lucky for your son to have and understand love.. some people never get it no matter how old they get, and that sure is an awful fate!


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