Sunday, May 23, 2010

TRIAL & Error on Changing a Garden PATH : Part. 1

Me and Maxine considering my pathway on a very hot day
You know how we all have paths in our garden and around our yard, some work perfectly. Some do not. Some were well planned and executed,
Some were not.
This is about a NOT.
Me holding her back from drooling on me, always..she's a kisser

I had a back pathway, that leads to a  garden bed to the right, and to the back of the yard. I like to look out my kitchen window and see down it.

Kitchen window view..sort-of

My problem was the back of the yard slopes ALOT, more than the eye can tell, but not more than water can destroy. I dug it all out years ago, painstaking labor, and then I have tried mulch, and pebbles...for my cottage garden look.
Everything washes to the back of the yard with a good rain.

 Fresh mulch applied two 1/2 weeks ago, my favorite look.

 Maxine helping spread mulch with her body.

This did not last after a deluge of rain last week.

 Total washout. Bummer.

 A side area of laid brick near the house, from a previous owner. Considered digging it all up and taking it to do my path. It would have taken more brick than this, and as I walked back and forth ...many times to see if I wanted to do this...the extreme heat and work dampened my enthusiasm.
So I decided to finally dig up all my little boxwoods, and my monkey grass ( lirope ), and open the yard back up.
I was not happy about doing this. I also had to remove old railroad ties that my husband had bordered this with for me.

I was also was watching these two squirts, I had taken them to a playoff little league game ealrier that morning, and I had the one to the left until 2 PM, when I then had to get another friend over from 2 until 5:30.
Busy day full of dirt, sweat , and boys running around all over the place.

Still not happy about doing this, so much work to clear this path before. And I LIKED my path back there. But, as I like to apply garden principles with life principles...
This was something in my garden ( life ), that was NOT working. No matter how much I wanted it to , it had to change.
Sometimes we have to tear something out of our lives, just rip it out.
That is what I had to do here.
By the way, I am in full sun, it is 1 PM it is 95 degrees and 120 % humidity.
I am insane.
 Here goes...

See how much yard ( or weeds ) behind me will start encroaching again. My son took all these ' action shots ' with his friend directing.

I guess I was back here about 2 hours ( 2  1/2 total with clean up ) , removing the line of bushes, monkey grass and railroad ties. I did take some water breaks , and  a few shade breaks.
Crazy but not totally.

Which were all rotted, and fell apart while I was trying to get them out of the ground. Remember when you dig up old railroad ties , to get the rebar metal spikes that go deep in the ground as you could injure yourself by stepping on them, or bust up your lawnmower if you left them in the ground.

To add to my pleasure, it was getting a little cloudy with EXTRA humidity rolling along with it. I felt like I was in a sauna.
 A shower and the shade of the house was calling me.

Here was my second boy  ( my squirt is to the right ) ,I watched that afternoon, I put the two guys to work hauling my wood to the street.

After their tiny bit of work I found them up in his fort, discussing Godzilla.
I think he's trying to use his fort so I won't rip it down and plant a garden there.
Smart boy.
I got it cleared and planted three bushes and some monkey grass behind them to show some green from a distance. You know from my kitchen window, to when I go outside on my little deck.

See my walkway I did, all covered with sand and dirt from the rain that also does this to my walkway. Annoying slope problem.
Bet you have a few annoying problems in your garden.

Then I raked and cleaned it up, was pleased...sort of.

I went further away, looked again. Stood there forgot something ! Then I started to shake my head..
BIG PROBLEM with my redo..

I am such a bozo.
To be continued tomorrow...
With my redo of my redo.

Stay tuned !

" The LORD is my light and salvation--whom shall I fear ?" Psalm 27:1


  1. That's too bad that the rain caused such problems washing away the bark. I think you're right about changing something that's not working even if it isn't really what you want to do. The fun part is redesigning it (although it doesn't sound like the weather was fun to work in). Your help sounds about like mine, it's fun for awhile and then they're off doing something else.

  2. I never have help in the garden, unless I wait for my husband, which I usually don't. tomorrow I will show you how I fixed it. thanks so much for stopping by ! Gina

  3. My goodness you were busy Gina, and on such a hot day! It was very warm here too yesterday and I managed to do a little weeding but spent most of the day in a deckchair in the shade - much too hot for me!

    Sorry to hear about your slopey path and the rain washing everything away - it must be so disheartening. Good luck with your redo of the redo - I will pop by for an update!


  4. Oh Gina ~ Do be careful working in the heat like that. Your heat is much worse than ours and we live way down here. I almost passed out last year from working in the heat and humidity. I had to sit down for a minute, then DH said to go inside, as that was it for the day. Scared me that's for sure. Make sure you drink plenty of water too.

    Change can be good, change is hard work, change can lead to more changes, change can be disappointing. I look forward to seeing more pictures of this area, which I think is really coming along. You just need some sort of focal point, since this is your view when you look out of your kitchen. I'm sure whatever you do will look great.

    Have a nice day, and remember to take breaks, also wear some sort of hat, and drink plenty to keep yourself hydrated.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Thanks Jeanne !

    Hi Flower Lady ! Yes, I will be more careful, I have realized that. Be more gentle with ourselves, right ? thanks again.


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