Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bubbling Fountain TRANSFORMATION Process


Here was my beautiful  birdbath-fountain my husband painted black for me to have a " Charleston-style ' look to it. This was in April, see the little dab of bubbles ?
They got worse. Look below...
Here was the next morning about 6:30 AM ( I have a previous post about this in April ) Kind of looks like the bubble-blob. Was funny for a few days, then NOT funny after a week and a half.  Nothing worked, so I decided to move another fountain here, and relegate this one to the back under my Carolina Jessamine.
Then I had the bright idea of putting my seashells in it. Look below...
As you can concur, and I know you do out there in cyberland, this was a definite YUCH.
Too bright. So...I went to Lowes, spent too much on assorted non-essential flowers and a sprinkler, and also fixed my problem.
see below..


I planted some peach lantana and some marigolds  ( I do not like marigolds very much, but I have a serious mosquito problem, and they don't like marigolds ).  Anything that mosquitoes don't like is a friend or flower of mine.

These will look better in a week or so. Very sunny spot back here.


Some bush roses and salvia also back here.

I have to go plant my unnecessary flowers I bought ( I have been reading Flower Lady's frugal post ), and clean my house , which is never as much fun, if any fun at all as gardening.

So far, mission accomplished with the wayward black fountain.

I hope you have a great day, I hope you get to that one or more annoying things that bug you in your garden, and fix them,
Bless you,
" The heavens are Yours , the earth is also Yours ; the world and all it's fullness, You have founded them. " Psalm 89:11


  1. Hi Gena, I'm curious about what was causing the bubble-mania. However, we gardeners are, if nothing else, a resourceful set, aren't we?

    Love the makeover!

  2. Hi Grace, Apparently it was the surfactant in black paint he used. Not really made for being immersed in water, so outside was fine, but a no-no for a birdbath. Thanks !


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