Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ROSES Galore at Edisto Memorial GARDENS

I drove down last week to Edisto Memorial gardens in Orangeburg, South Carolina to see the roses. I have been here before about 3 years ago, and was awed by the 120 different types of roses, planted in huge groupings. This was planted and planned in 1951 , and is now a member of the American Rose society, starting in 2008.
Big ta-do I hear.
Here I am, your tour guide, my husband went with me that day, and when we arrived it was already a sweltering 90 degrees ! I would say try to get here before 11 am if at all possible.

Beautiful entry fountain at the front of the drive in.
I want this is in my garden, maybe about 1/10 as big.

It is difficult to get the correct shots out her, No. 1 it was too sunny, and I have found out that is a bad quality for photographing gardens...so bear with me and the sun.

 No. 2 , I did not have a paper and pen to write down all the names of the roses, so forgive me, I do recall a few ( with the help of photographing the signs ). This was Peace and Love. I have this rose at my house.

I will let most of these photos speak for themselves, except maybe a few.

Acres of roses

Spanish moss draped on the surrounding trees

Geese were all by the small pond there. I had forgotten to bring some loaves of bread, and they were not happy with us. Lots of staring and squawking in protest.
I felt guilty.

Pretty goose

Large birdhouse the size of a small trashcan in the surrounding area

Surrounded by honeysuckle. I love birdhouses.

There was a caretaker, walking up and down amongst the rows, and every time I grabbed some roses ( ouch ) and asked my husband to get a picture, he ( the caretaker ) would stop and stare at me like, " No rose touching Missy ! "
I defiantly touched as many roses as I could...had to keep him on his toes out there in the hot sun.
Actually there is just a lot of signs that say ' No picking the roses. " I guess he was waiting for me to whip out some shears at any moment. He would have a long wait , because they were back at my house .

That reminds me of a story...when I was in college, I dated a nice-looking young man with no money, he was a student. He came to pick me up for dinner one evening , with a bouquet of roses...and he was pale.
I said, " Where did you get the roses ? ", with a smile.
He says, " I cut them off that rose garden in the middle of a very exclusive neighborhood . " ( Not naming neighborhoods here )
Then he goes,   " We better go eat, I need some food. " I say  " Ok, you are hungry ?  ". He goes, " I just gave BLOOD twice ( TWICE !!! ) to take you out to a nice restaurant , and I feel faint. "
I was laughing and concerned , and then rushed him to get to dinner. 
Funny , the things young men do to impress women...fades away with time and age though.

My husband liked watching the geese better than the roses.

A duck perched and cleaning-preening himself.

There is a back trail to go see the river, the longest black water river in the world, The Edisto River, runs 200 miles. Look at the cute romantic etching, and there were many , on the rail looking into the river..
Water wheel back there as well, OK, back to our roses. By now it is about 94 degrees.
Hot tamales in the rose garden.


Additional ouch.

I really liked this picture, I stood out there...arms outstretched and felt a combination of the childish thought, " Look , I am a flower too, " ...and then the grown woman thought , " I want all this beauty inside me , surrounding me , engulfing me." So much glorious beauty in a large gathering of roses , you will love it .

The Edisto gardens are in the city limits of Orangeburg, South Carolina... lots of signs to lead you. It is off I-95 and I-26, between Charleston , SC and Columbia, SC.

Remember to bring some bread or crackers for these guys too.

Hope your day is really good,
More later,

" For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth : the time of singing is come.." Song of Solomon 2:11-12


  1. Beautiful roses but they look very high maintenance! I gave up on growing Hybrid Teas, etc very quickly.

    What a magnificent collection of roses. Thank you for taking us along on a tour!

  2. I gave up on roses as well. I have a few straggler-bushes left, otherwise...I just look at them in other people's gardens , take care, Gina

  3. Gina I found your blog through Catherines Garden in progress blog. What beautiful roses - and so many too. It will be early July before I can take photos like that. But despite your really sunny weather you have beautiful photos here and what a lovely backdrop of scenery for the roses aswell. Was there a lovely fragrance in the air as you wandered around the display beds?

    Please come over and say hello at my blog too - you'll see that I also love using that special verse from Songs of Solomon at the end of some of my blog posts too.

  4. No, I could not smell the roses as much, I believe the heat was too strong that day. I could smell them when I brought them to me, but not ' in the air '. I will definitely check out your blog, thanks so much !! Gina

  5. Beautiful photos in your blog....I'll come back to visit again.


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